Sasitive than MUJI, cheaper than IKEA! These 6 sticks are made up in the living room style instantly

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Hello, everyone, I am MOMO. I am very happy to try this hanger. First of all, thank you Ji Guo for giving me this opportunity. As a novice housewife, storage is definitely a big project. Although the wardrobe is well storage, changing clothes every day in daily life may not be cleaned every time. When I came back to throw on the sofa or on the chair, I always had a plan to buy a small hanger. I did not see the tempted style. I just saw that there was a nude hanger application on the polar fruit.

Let ’s talk about this minimalist hanger. The brand is NUDE. He has won the German Red Dot Supreme Award, Taiwan Golden Point Award, and Red Cotton China Design Award. Six solid wood stick composition, the assembly process does not require any accessories or any glue.


After opening the packaging, three long sticks, three short sticks, and one manual.

The three long sticks are the same size as the three short sticks.

One of the three long sticks has three English letters: PIY: Play It Youself. And also numbers for collection, similar to ID cards.


There are varying holes in long wooden sticks, which are only used to fix.

The official statement is that it takes 5-505-505-505-500 minutes to install this hanger. Haha, I spend less than five minutes of installation with the big bear, haha.

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In fact, according to the instructions, the three long sticks were placed on the three corners of the instructions.


After installation, it is particularly versatile in every corner of the house.


For example, the study: The moment you arrive at home, bags, jackets, etc. are hung on a coat rack, placed in the tension of work, and enjoying the warmth of the home.

You can also put the bedroom, storage pajamas, and a good life.

Put in the living room, hang some daily bags.

Just the right embellishment, the space becomes particularly stylish.



I use this cloak rack. I use wooden models, painted with wood wax oil, no glue, environmental protection and safety, no accessories, tenon -and -mortise structures are strong and durable, and the design is simple.


The official weight limit is 100kg, and the weight of daily use is completely needed.

Easy installation is also convenient to disassemble.


The coat rack has never been the protagonist of function or decoration, but in a beautiful home environment, it is important and indispensable. Either placing a cloak rack in the living room, or in the bedroom, or the most ideal place to take off the coat cloak, so it will not flow to the sofa, bed furniture, and let the furniture environment make the environment of the furniture environment. It looks more calm and tidy. The minimalist Nude hanger is definitely your best choice.

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