How did AOKEE recognize by the spirit of the Japanese craftsman stood out from similar bath towels?

Take a comfortable bath, of course, a soft and comfortable bath towel.


Prepare a bath towel, not only can you wipe the water on the body, but also surround the body to maintain a sexy, avoid the embarrassment of wetness without clothes.


Girls who swim in summer must also need bath towels.

A clean bath towel can also wrap our bodies during the bathing pool to take a bath. After all, we walk away, and it will not be cold.

There are many places to use bath towels in life, but goose … because of improper choice of bath towels, there are particularly many problems.

Inlerable materials, adding compounds, breeding of bacteria, hairy hair loss … These common problems make the choice of bath towels difficult.

I tested a one in the towels

Superb quality


As well as

Super high value


Macaron color system


AOKEE bath towel


Unique and high -tech micron structure

Make water absorption as fast as lightning, softness

Light feathers

Let’s solve all the problems at a time, let’s take a look together.

Micro -thin, good water absorption

AOKEE bath towel uses new textile materials-


Micron super fine fiber

, The adsorption area is larger and the penetration power is stronger. The weight is two -thirds of the ordinary bath towel, but the water absorption is 7 times that of it. It is called

“Breathing fiber”

Micron structure composition


There are better






, Performed well in hydrophobicity.

The following experiments can see the AOKEE bath towel more intuitively


Water absorption effect

Put the AOKEE bath towel in the small glass tank, pour all 800ml of water in the cup, and then take out the bath towels after 10 seconds.

Super fine fiber, soft light touch


AoKee bath towel’s micron fiber due to

Extremely fine

, Greatly reduce the stiffness of the silk, make a bath towel feel

Extremely soft

Ultra -fine fibers can also increase


Layered structure

, Increase than the surface area and hair effect, make the fiber surface more delicate, and it feels smoother and soft.

Such a gentle touch is like the hug of the family, and the skin will definitely fall in love with this feeling.

Even if the wire ball is rubbed back and forth on it, it will not bring up


Any floating hair

The surface of the towel is still smooth.

Increase the size, wrap the whole body


The size of the size, whether bathing at home or going out of the outdoor hot spring and swimming, can easily wrap it and send it, don’t worry about the embarrassment of glowing.

Imagine that when you step out of the water, no longer tremble, bow your back, instead wave on a AOKEE macaron color bath towel to surround yourself, and then leave elegantly and slowly. It’s on your body, you don’t have to worry about the blowing of the blowing air, but also maintain a sexy beauty.

Good breathability, anti -pollution -proof and dust -proof

AOKEE bath towels have a small diameter of micron fiber, so their curved strength is also small.

The fiber feel is particularly soft, and the sewing between the ultra -fine fiber is between the diameter of the water drop and the water steam micro -drip diameter, so the ultra -fine fiber fabric has



Effect. And it can overcome the shortcomings of natural fibers, such as wrinkles, artificial fiber impermeability.

After adsorbing stains such as dust, ordinary bath towels directly leave them inside the fiber of the bath towel, and it is not easy to wash off when cleaning. The AOKEE bath towels are different.

Fall as soon as you rush

Essence This can greatly prevent bacteria from breeding,

Avoid bath towel mold


The situation occurred.

After looking at it like this, AOKEE macaron color bath towel is really a


Magic existence

Ah, and the pink macaron is really gentle.

As we all know, Japan is a veritable

Make a strong country

Essence Their requirements for materials, craftsmanship, and processes can be described as “abnormal”, which is actually the reason why “Japanese goods” have highly respected in the world.

Jinzhi towel


Japanese high -quality towel

The synonym, it is completely full of its ingenious extraordinary character. Each towel must pass the water absorption test in the water in five seconds to be available for sale.

This kind of pursuit of the ultimate “staff spirit”, let

Design giant Sato Kosho

Also convinced.

There is also a grocery brand that can be compared with MUJI, HighTide, and its designs can be as good as ordinary companies.

Through the collection of feedback from consumers, they overthrow the original design again and again, and continuously improve the practicality and fun of the product to provide customers with a better use experience.


Whether in daily necessities or other industrial manufacturing fields, the Japanese are always setting higher standards in order to meet the higher -end manufacturing level.

AOKEE macaron color bath towel, it is in line with

Standards for Japanese bath towel manufacturing


Only to export it to it, open the door of the international market, and become one of the bath towels specialized in the Japanese market.


And if compared to other similar bath towels on the market, AOKEE is also


In various

Water absorption and breathability

In the testing experiment, there is no losing any similar product. Also pass

Internationally recognized national textile test

You can buy with confidence without worrying about any quality issues.


Buy now, even more

Gift the same towel


Intersection Gift the same towel! Gift the same towel!

The important thing to say three times, too

Do not contain formaldehyde, fluorescent agent, soft agent

Waiting for any harm to human skin, it is really better to wash your face.


Such an excellent quality plus such a powerful gift,

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Low price only need


Yuan! Miss Sister opposite can’t help chopping her hands, what are you waiting for!

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Value value of prizes

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