Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Elena took her baby out of the street, wearing a black slit long skirt and walking with wind, her daughter is too cute

Elena is a well -known model of Russia. Because he has been in love with football star Cristiano Ronaldo for many years, he is widely known. Itaa is a supermodel. He is sexy and hot. It is charming, and Elena’s appearance is also particularly sexy. She has a standard Russian beauty with Russian descent. She said that she should not be exaggerated as the most beautiful girlfriend in Ronaldo.

But unfortunately, Elena and Cristiano Ronaldo did not come together in the end. After the breakup, Elena and actor Brad Likopper had a daughter. Her daughter Lea Bao was super cute and inherited her father. Mom’s high value looks like a doll. Although Elena and Bradaruper are now separated, the little cute Lea treasure is no shortage of love. Mom and dad are very fond of her. Recently, , Elena took Lea Bao out of the street, her daughter became her best accessory.

Lea Bao’s personality is a very cute type. Although each time it only appears in front of the camera, LEA Bao has attracted a lot of fans, beautiful appearance and cuteness. Like a doll, the Lea treasure in the photo is wearing a yellow checkered shirt, and the classic checkered pattern shows the sense of fashion of Lea treasure. The lower body Lea treasure wears a pure white gauze skirt. , Princess heart that conforms to Lea treasure.


Compared to the high cold and sexy of her mother Elena, Lea Bao is super cute. It inherits the golden hair of her father Brad Likopper. Large, but Lea Bao’s hair is long and long. The long hair in the LEA treasure in the photo is still a natural curly hair. Similarly, Meng Meng’s short legs are also fleshy. Although parents are gone, Lea Bao is not lacking at all.


Elena is indeed a supermodel. Even if she has become a mother, she is the most fashionable and fashionable hot mothers. This is the case in the photo in the photo. Pushing her daughter, the baby car has become the most fashionable accessories of Elena. As if Irina seemed to be filming a pictorial, pushing the stroller also launched a sense of fashion. Elena’s hair color is deeper, which makes her look more fashionable. Wearing black sunglasses made her face look more delicate.


Although Yelina’s choice this time is simple, but I have to say that the hot body of Elena after the upper body makes Elena look more sexy and domineering, because of the tall figure, Elena is choosing clothing. It is very casual. In the photo, Elena is wearing a black strap dress and a long dress just to Elena’s ankle. This makes Elena look tall. Elena’s slender waist, leisure at the same time with some small sexy. The skirt of the lower body is a high -slits design, revealing Elena’s long legs, and Elena, as a supermodel, can be worn as always.

The shoes are also very good at clothing. Long black slit skirts. Elena’s feet are paired with a pair of black Gaobang Martin boots. Martin boots are even more handsome after the feet. It is heavy, and Elena itself is a supermodel. The flat Martin boots will not affect Elena’s legs. Instead, the simple skirts are more handsome. Black and white simple and monotonous clothing It seems that there will be some single, so Elena with a snake -skinned underarity bag is definitely at the forefront of the trend.

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