Take a look at ten small CK bags, use or give girlfriends to his wife for your own or Christmas.


Little CK bags can be said to be a pretty hot bag, fashion, beautiful, versatile, economical and practical, and more importantly, it can be said to be a conscience brand. It is good to give gifts for yourself. Forehead. Essence Essence Speaking of Little CK, I can’t help but praise again, haha. Essence Essence

There are half a month of Christmas. Do you have any gifts to give your girlfriend or wife? Ha ha. Essence Essence Maybe you can consider the small CK bag. There is a saying that it is a wise choice to see the package to girlfriend or wife.

Unconsciously, it’s a bit small again, hahaha. Essence Essence excuse me. To say less nonsense, let’s go straight to the theme. I recommend 10 models for you now. Women may like small CK bag styles, haha. Essence Essence

TOP1 wine bag


Little CK Jiu Shenbao

The wine magic bag can be said to be a large platform such as Xiaohongshu Douyin and other major platforms. It is a classic CK classic style. The old grandmother who is as old as a few years old has been circled by him. It is also beautiful with clothes. It can be said that it is a very versatile bag, and the back rate is very high.

TOP2 Xiaoling Bag

Xiaoling Bag

This bag is a small bag with a soft leather face, a particularly good texture, versatile, small and exquisite, small incense -style cheaper version, goes out to eat and eat, all of which are OK. You can put it in everyday. The key is very good -looking. As long as it is a female friend, you won’t be wrong to choose this. Self -use is also great


TOP3 prepares stray bag


Little CK preparation stray bag

Known as the Dior Aquarius Edition, it is probably because the shield lock design is very similar to the Dior. The 3 card position in the inside is a zipper partition layer. The capacity is still very large and very fashionable.


TOP4 bow tie bag


This bag is also commonly known as a little yellow duck,

This one is also overwhelming recently. The duckling duck bag is full of the main style of this color. Essence


Top5 bucket backpack

Little CK new bucket backpack,

There are three colors, which can be said to be suitable for all girls. It is quite young, very fashionable and very versatile. The capacity is very large, just go out and go out.

TOP6 ear bag


Little CK new ear bag.

Is it beautiful? Intersection This one is too hot, there are long shoulder straps, and the handle can be disassembled when it is oblique.

The material is the canvas PU, and the capacity is quite large. The texture is great, the color matching is very good, the price is not expensive, it can be said to be worth buying such a baby.

TOP7 round buckle package

Little CK round buckle bag

It is more cute, very age -reducing, and it is not wrong to match it at will. This shoulder strap can be adjusted and looks good. It is a good choice for self -use gifts.

TOP8 black backpack

Little CK new shoulder bag

This bag is great. The texture is pretty good, and the temperament is still available. The key is also versatile. You can install a water cup.

TOP9 tofu bag

This is also an explosion, also called “Douyin bag”

It’s very hot on Douyin, huh. Essence Essence I think few women don’t like it. The texture bag is very distinctive. A original yellow shoulder strap+a butterfly shoulder strap. This bag is fashionable and beautiful, so huh. Essence Essence


TOP10 velvet flow souper


Brick red, very chic color, the color of autumn and winter, can be used as a schoolbag, it can be used as a schoolbag. La. The color is also very gentle, and the temperament is revealed on the back, dating, dinner party is suitable

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