31 -year -old Xi Zaijie, the trim trousers with short boots are really foreign, it is indeed a fashion blogger

Talking about the fashionable single products with the highest usage rate in girls’ wardrobes, everyone will think of jeans. Indeed, whether it is boys or girls jeans, it can be easily controlled, but although jeans style is diverse, it is inevitable to wear a vulgar set. It is better to get new skills on the wear method. Gao Xiaosong’s ex -wife’s 31 -year -old fashion blogger Xi also took a beautiful photo of the home home. The interpretation of jeans is good. It is indeed the tide of the fashion industry.


The advantages of jeans are well known. It is easy to match both wear -resistant and washing. Young people are casual, and they can also have a fashionable effect. Xi Youmi chose a black tight -fitting model, which modified the long leg lines very softly. In order to avoid turning the legs of the pants a little, a small change immediately changed a huge change, and the sense of fashion was on a level.

Jeans are easy to match. Although it is also true, it is also the best to match your temperament. On Xi, he wore a white sweater and was simple and casual. It was strongly contrasting with black jeans. The eye -catching index was absolutely up up! How can you be so mediocre as a well -known fashion blogger? Therefore, Xi Mi feet wore a “Fried Street” patent leather short boots. The heels looked thicker than wrists, cool! Although the photo is an Internet celebrity, this body is definitely worth getting a girl in their 20s.


If you don’t have to wear too much on the occasion, you must highlight your temperament. It is very good to look at a dress in a casual suit. Hat “also has a British style. Xi Yami chose a black, not only very friendly, but also a lot of aura.


The shawl feels like a “rich woman” atmosphere. If it is really not at a certain age, you dare not try, but if your body temperament is online, why not give yourself a style? A yellow shawl selected by Xi Yami really has a retro charm, but she chose a black inside more mysterious. With the black “newspaper child hat”, she completely abandoned her old -fashioned. Marry well.

The girls who want to wear a dignified but do not like the ancient board of the suit. They change a jacket that looks similar to a suit, which is also suitable for the OL family. Xi Youmi is wearing a black and white stitching coat, which is very similar to the suit but more casual. It is OK to simple white T -shirts.

As a fashion blogger, Xi Youmi also shows his good side in the choice of dresses. The design of the dress to choose a large tail has added a lot of aura to her fresh temperament, which is still very expressive. The design of the upper body is perfectly modified with the deep love of the bone, and the retro design of the embroidery is more charm. The big collar is the most eye -catching, and the clavicle and fair skin are simply intoxicating.

The short camel coat is also very common in winter. The reason for choosing a short version is to highlight the beauty of the figure, so it is absolutely not ambiguous in matching. With the black inside of the body, the waist is highlighted with a belt, and the slender waist is highlighted. Tight -fitting small black pants with black “military boots”, cool and stubborn and thin legs.


If you want to go to the cafe for a while on the weekend afternoon, wearing a casual and comfortable clothes may bring you a better mood. Xi Yami’s chic sequins sweater, paired with checkered wide -leg pants, is a loose version that completely abandon his troubles and sorrows.


Follow the fashion blogger to learn to wear, let yourself grasp the fashion trends at all times, and be a woman with a charming dress, is it your expectation?

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