Come on the kindergarten comes with a bench

At that time, I did n’t know how old I was in kindergarten. I just remember that I would n’t be willing to enter the park on the first day of school. The neighbor’s friends also laughed at me, ashamed, ashamed, ashamed!

Now when I think of kindergarten, there are roughly three things, and the other impressions are blurred. The first thing was to cry at school once. The second thing was to bring their own boards. The third thing was to cry and shouting to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Today, focusing on the bench. At that time, the kindergarten seemed to be a temporary place. A row of houses plus a surround garden, located next to the town government, a quiet place. Due to temporary use, the facilities in the classroom are incomplete, and there are only small tables without stools. The kindergarten teacher had to ask each of us to bring his own bench to school, and he had to be unsatisfactory. And ask us to bring it every day. I don’t know why?

At that time, there seemed to be no adults to pick up and drop off. Kindergarten is not far from home. We all went to school alone, carrying a small bench in our hands, and staggered between the kindergarten and home, and it seemed that it was not inappropriate.

There are more than a dozen small partners in a class. Each person takes a small bench from the house, and the colors are colorful. They are all long and long. Everyone sat on their own stools, playing games around the teacher, singing and singing, etc. From time to time, they heard the sound of benches falling. It turned out that the legs of a classmate were not firm and fell; or the two students squeezed on one bench, one stood up and the other stood on the ground and slipped to the ground … Anyway, the situation continued.

But it is interesting that everyone especially likes the spontaneous organization of the “train” game. The partners are booming and happy. The game must first take the “train” first. Each train is the small bench of everyone, and at that time, everyone’s logical thinking was very clear. The train was arranged in order according to the height of the bench. The “locomotive” naturally chooses a slightly taller stool. The owner of the stool acts as a train driver. You can direct the students to get on the bus and get off the car. There is also a ticket salesperson, which is exclusive to girls, which is decent. So for a few days, I will definitely find that a few boys will drag a large stool to school, and even push them up to play the driver just to play the driver. After the teacher discovered this signs, they scolded for a meal, and they just changed their stools to school.

Sometimes when it rains from school, the role of small bench plays another function -as an umbrella. Especially the boys looked up at the corridor and found that the rain was not strong, so they buckled the bench on the head, clenched their hands tightly, and rushed outwards. After a while, the rainwater splashed on the ground and the joyful laughter of the little friends merged together, and suddenly rippped in the alley of the town.

When some Grandpa’s house passed by, they often scolded “the rain is so heavy, it is dead! What do adults do?”

Of course, the girls are much quiet, and they are waiting for adults to pick up. Come to place one by one, the time is long, and the responsible teacher cannot go home on time. It seems that boys are more considerate of teachers with reckless actions.

This time is not long. The new kindergarten was built in the second year, and it was also equipped with a uniform small green table and small stools, and the classroom looked particularly neat and clean. We sat on the stool behind the small table, and the top of our heads was regular. Following the teacher’s knowledge, the naughty several rules were much honest. Since then, the children who have been playing our age no longer have to go to school with the bench.

Forgot to explain, why did the teacher ask us to bring a stool without back? Because when the teacher is in class, everyone must sit straight and not learn from the back of the chair, otherwise they will not be a student.

Time, a person’s memory is also the sea, and there are not many inscriptions, so he quickly records it.

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