10 most beautiful poems, light thunder, slightly rainy, amazing

When does spring come?

Some people say that when you see Caoer’s bud, you know that spring is here;

Some people say that when you see the swallows flying back, it means that spring is here;

Others said that only when a thunderous sound was heard, it indicated that the warm spring was really coming.

With a thunder, it brought surprise and heralding the arrival of warm spring.

The most beautiful surprise is in the poem. Poetry Jun shared ten most beautiful poems, let’s understand the beauty of spring together!

The most thrilling surprise:

The shocking worm snake came out, and the prolapse was opened.

“Wen Lei”

【Tang】 Bai Yiyi

The windy wind frost is early, and the warmth is urged.

I did n’t see the snow in the poor winter, and I heard the thunder.

Fetal inch, still like cold gray.

The biggest feature of the stunning season is Chunlei.

As the saying goes: Chunlei is shocked by the backworm. It refers to the stunning season, the spring thunder starts, and wakes up the stinged worm that is dormant to overwinter underground.

Bai Juyi said: The weather has gradually become warmer, and thunder has been heard in the first month. In the thunderous sounds, the planes and snakes dormant in the ground were woken up and ended the dormant of the winter.

Chunlei burst into wake -up, and woke up with hope.

The most pleasant surprise:

I want to go back to Lanting, but I am ashamed of laughter.

“Spring Qing Ruci”

【Song Dynasty】 Lu You


The child Mo Xiao is Chen, and Huhai Chun returns to Xingxin.

Thunder’s popularity was shocked, and Hongjun turned around.

The scales rushed to the stone daisy, and the bench shaking the dust.

In the stunning season, Lu You was as beautiful as spring.

Chunlei sprung up, the wind and rain flutter, and the surprise has arrived. The universe is like when the heavens and the earth are first opened, don’t have a new weather. The sparkling river flooded the black reef, the tender yellow and soft willow silk swayed, and the color was light as yellow.

I want to go ashore to go to the pavilion, but I turned back and padded with a boat. It was really ashamed that it was ashamed that it was really ashamed.

Spring light is beautiful, if you don’t enjoy it well, it is really a waste!


The most moved surprise:

Newly swallowed swallows, and double entered my Lu.

“Three of the Ancient Nine Emperors”

Dongjin · Tao Yuanming

Zhongchun was rainy, and the thunder was east.

The crowds were dived, and the plants and trees were comfortable.

The first nest is still there, and the opponent is still old.

Since the separation, the gate of the door is deserted;

My heart is solid, how can the monarch feel like?

In the season of Zhongchun, the rainwater in the spring of the spring sounded the spring thunder in the east. Winter animals awakened, and the grass and trees were stretched by the rain.

The brisk swallows flew to my home, so the nest was still there, and they went home with each other. Since you and I have come separately, the gate court has become more deserted. My heart is firm and not changed.

It seems that there is a year -on -year covenant, accompanied by each other, flying back to the old days. Sometimes people are not as good as Yan, seeing different thoughts, do not think of their original intentions, and do not remember the old years.

The most cheerful surprise:

How much is beautiful and happy.

“Xinghua Sky”

【Qing】 Wu Yan

The spring is double this year. Swallow, apricot consumption.

The horse cried all over the green grass. Causes the east wind preference.

He Taixia, Xian Yi Fei around. How much is beautiful and happy.

Xiaolai was shocked. The eyes were full of Jianghua.

Spring is here, and a painting between heaven and earth has become a painting.

The swallow came back and spoke cheerfully. Ma crying stepped on Qingqing’s cemetery.

In this beauty, people’s hearts are really happy. Chun Lei is here, and it seems to be telling everyone: Spring is really coming. There are joyful people everywhere, joyful smiles.

Where is the spring, the cheerful eyes in spring.

The most missing surprise:

Who knows this, a new green is waiting for the cuckoo.


“There is Huai Zhengzhong to Yanfeng Poetry”

【Song】 Shu Yuexiang

The sound of loose sounds like the waterfall at night, and I didn’t sleep in Xi Zhai.

After a drum lightning was shocked, the thin rainfall fell into Meitian.

Lin Liu wanted to cross and laughed, and the return of the guests returned.

During the stunning season, the poet farewell to friends, facing the beauty, but a little bit embarrassed.

With a light thunder, it was shocked, and the rainfall fell into the plum. Friends are leaving and sent to the ferry. The two said and laughed. After returning, the sentimental attacked.

On the book, the poet missed a friend again. Outside the window, the new green, just waiting for the azalea to cry.

Slight rain, falling plum, new green, and the thoughts of spring have a trace of freshness and less sadness.

The most leisurely shock:

Leisure, wild career. Ying Basket Recommended rice without adding meals.


【Qing】 Yi Yi

Shocking first blooms amaranth, and the spring is gradually extravagant.

Acacia River is green grass on the banks, and the tender buds beside Du Xiuxi.

A sweet taste in the world, staying with the high sons, boasting.

Stunning, the countryside is the most colorful and colorful.

The shock came, the amaranth in the countryside bloomed, and the spring was slowly flourishing. The Cao’er Qingqing on the banks of the Acacia River, with a tender work card by the stream.

Spring is the most suitable for outing. People who are in a leisurely mood are delicious with meals. It is really delicious to eat in the wild. This delicious taste is exaggerated with the children of Gaomen.

The best scene, the simplest food, can also eat the best mood.

The most beautiful surprise:

The swallow is wet.

The flowers are short, and the people are standing.

“Qin Louyue · Floating Collection”

【Song Dynasty】 Fan Chengda


Floating gathers. Light Lei faintly shocked.

At first surprise. The dove was angry, and the green Yangfeng was anxious.

Yulu smoke heavy fragrant Luo Luo. Flowing the wall, the apricot swallows are wet.

Fan Chengda, who is good at writing idyllic poems, certainly will not let go of the beauty of the season.

At the time of shock, the thunder sound faintly, the green poplars follow the wind, the thick apricot blew the wall, and the Yanzhi was heavy.

The beautiful scenery is picturesque, and the words “Flowers are short of flowers, and people stand up”. The whole word is lyrical and subtle, elegant and gentle.

In the stunning season, if someone is accompanied by each other and appreciates the spring scene, it is even more beautiful!

The most aggressive is shocking:

Although the bird is micro -category, it is ashamed.

“Yixing and Zhu Jieshi”

【Tang Dynasty】 Jiadao

The mysterious birds are male and female, and Chun Lei is shocked.

The titles of the Yellow River, the sky is Xiangtian.

All overnight, the survivor chicks.

Two birds hold the righteousness and feed the labor.

The chicks are flying, and the sound of the clouds whispering.

The poultry is hard to self -proclaim, but fortunately the master’s book.

In the stunning season, Jia Dao concentrated his pen and ink on a bird.

This poem describes the activity of the bird in the early season.

In the poem, the poet praises the diligence of the birds, and he is reluctant: “Although the birds are micro -categories, they feel ashamed”, they feel that they are not as ashamed as small colors!

What is it impossible to wake up with a small bird?

The hardest surprise:

The rainy Zhonghui Xin, a thunder starts.

Guan Tianjia

【Tang】 Wei Yingwu

The Tian family was free for a few days, and the cultivation of farming started from here.

Ding Zhuang is all in the wild, and the field garden is also reasonable.


Return to Jing Changyan and drink the west of the calf.

Hunger is not self -suffering, and cream is happy.

Kuraki has no place of stay, and the service is still.

Fang Yan did not farmers, and Lu was out of the same.

In spring, the pastoral beauty became a poem.

The vitality of the spring began with the rainwater, the grass long warbler flies, the insects come out of the birds, and the thunder that is shocked is the most eye -catching. In a sound, it seems to be urging the spring scene.


Shocking is also a busy season. Jun is not seen, and the family’s strong labor is busy in the field. Women plow the soil into a vegetable garden in the yard and come to the cellar.

In March and April, you only care about cultivation. In August and September, you have your own answers. The hope of harvest is hidden in the cultivation of this spring day.

The most intoxicated surprise:

People are scattered, and the sky is empty.

“Youjing Rendong Garden”

Song Suzhe

The Spring Festival was shocked, and the grass and trees were unknown.


The high people are quiet, strange spring is late.

The shoulder is out of the eastern suburbs, and the light Qiu tried to the Xi.


Bai Cao’s enrollment, Qiao Song interprets the cold posture,


The ruler book recruits friends, and the crown is overflowing.

Life is instantaneously, fortunately at this off time.

The turbid wine is the floating ant, and the broccoli is recommended.

Spring is not too early, and the spring may not be chased.

Gong Qing has more king, and the field is private.


Matsuni was supported, and the alley had to swim.

Hou Bo, Zhu Men covered Fangfei.


The flowers were splendid, and the flag of the court.

Huatang Xuan Jinbi, stacking the cigarette.

As if the Palace was banned, the depression was humble.

As soon as Xu Xingri is here, why is it?

The capital is closed early, and everyone will return.

Under the photo of the yang, he returned to the red dust.

But Bu Yongrihuan has not been with the Qing Dynasty.

In addition to sleeping all things, Gao Shiliang is in.

Spring is here, when you are shocked, the grass and trees are not known.

However, Su Zhe knew that he was sitting on a sedan, going to the suburbs to enjoy the spring, and the chills dispersed. The green grass showed the vitality of nature.

This is a rare day of rest. Su Zhe is going to close the door when he played when he played in the capital and did not want to go home.

In spring, find a rest day and walk to the suburbs, and the fatigue will be exhausted at this time.

The shock is coming, the wind is getting more and more gentle, and the sun is getting brighter and brighter. What are the reasons for you?

The real warm spring in the world is ironing the earth and lurking in Deep Valley.

The most beautiful spring is naturally natural, in the suburbs, in the field, spring is here, let go of the work in your hand, let go of the anxiety in your heart, and enjoy it.

Perhaps, after relaxation, you will find the power to set off again.

The shocking worm snake came out, and the prolapse was opened.

I want to go back to Lanting, but I am ashamed of laughter.

Newly swallowed swallows, and double entered my Lu.

Who knows this, a new green is waiting for the cuckoo.

Leisure, wild career. Ying Basket Recommended rice without adding meals.

The swallow is wet.

The flowers are short, and the people are standing.

Although the bird is micro -category, it is ashamed.

The rainy Zhonghui Xin, a thunder starts.

People are scattered, and the sky is empty.

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