People who are truly strong in their hearts: Come and hold, things over!

You must not be welcomed first, you must not worry about it.

Zhou Guoping wrote in “Life Is Not Strong”:

“People cannot dominate their own destiny, but they can dominate the attitude towards destiny, and to bear the inevitable encounters on their heads.”

A person’s attitude of handling things, hiding his knowledge and cultivation, and also determined his life direction.


The most horizontal way of dealing with things in the event: it is carried by things, and things are over.


Come and hold

In Duras’s pen, there is a “broken waterman”.

In a small town in eastern France, the family lived in an abandoned house near the railway station.

Because of extremely poor, they have not paid water and electricity costs and gas fees for a long time.

The hot weather, the staff of the water company cut off their water supply.

The woman brought two children, one four years old, one and a half years old, they were thirsty and could not take a bath.

Men are working in the town. After the man returned at night, he held a child alone with the woman, and committed suicide on the rail on the railway next to the house …

When I read this story, I just felt very sighing.

There are always many things that have collapsed in this world.

Emotional frustration, unscrupulous work, failure to start a business … The longer the life, the more you understand Mr. Yang Yan’s phrase “there is no one who has no injury in this world.”

The difference is that some people sink in the pain and give up their lives.



There is a friend named Lao Wu.

When he was very young, his father entered the prison because of fighting, and his mother left a family and ran away.

In a poor home, only the grandmother who was lying in bed, the younger brother who was lying in bed.

As the only “top pillar” in the family, he had to take responsibility for his young age.

In those years, Lao Wu went to pick up plastic bottles and brushed bowls in the restaurant at night.

At the hard time, he worked three jobs and slept only two to three hours a day. In order to save money and buy the cheapest steamed bun, he swallowed it with boiled water.

Lao Wu carried it so silently and ran hard, but fortunately, the days also slowly got better.

Looking back at the hardship in the past, he was calm. “When I found that no matter how bad, I couldn’t die, I was completely relieved.”

When saying this, Lao Wu had already opened his studio. In his spare time, he talked about tea art, literature, and discussed the direction of artificial intelligence.

Between laughter, as if those suffering never happened to him.

There is such a paragraph in “Bookstore on the island”: “In the life of everyone, there are the most painful years, which will make life beautiful and vast.”

Can’t hold it, your life stops abruptly.

If you hold it, you will find that suffering is just another synonymous.

People should be like the seeds of dandelion. Where the wind of life blows us, where will we take root.

This is a tough vitality, and it is also a great self -healing power.



Writer Yishu went to Ni Kuang’s house to visit Ni Kuangjia. Seeing the green plants in the garden, they liked it.

She asked, “Is there any secret?”

Ni Kuang said with a smile: “It’s actually very simple, it’s nothing more than throwing it away, and buying a new one.”

This is the case for raising potted plants, and so is our lives.

There is no need to chase the ever; the past injury, learn to let go.

I have a friend who runs the company with his partner. After several years of tactics, he finally stood firmly in the industry.

However, when the company fell into a huge debt crisis one day, partners not only did not help each other, but instead jumped to other companies and took away a large number of customers.

This is even worse for friends who were originally difficult.

In those days, he begged people everywhere, and had disappeared a lot of hair before finally turning back the tide to save the company.

Later, when he was sitting on a table again because of a project with the former “betrayer”, he could laugh at Yan Yan on the table.

Friends said that in the face of this kind of forgetful person, he wanted to slap over, but then he thought of it.

If the old account, if you tear it repeatedly, will only make yourself deeper, and will make the situation more embarrassing.

The power of adults may be swallowing all the grievances in the laughter room, and then use the grievances to be grieved to become his own life.

Balzac once said that life cannot be forgotten, and life cannot continue.

Those things that make us unwilling in our lives have been passed after all; those who have resentment are only passers -by in life after all.

Life always goes forward, you can’t always look back.

The world is like a book, and the page is over one page, and then you can write a new chapter.


I like this sentence very much: Life is not staring at the sad things, but walking out step by step towards the sun.

It is the ability to carry it, and it is a pattern.

There is such a woman who lives in the life of Jinyi and jade and stars.

However, after the marriage, the quiet life of the years suddenly opened her blood basin.

Her husband derailed the young widow, and later tossed his entrepreneurship, and was repeatedly created.


When the days were stretched, she dragged her child, took up the burden of life, and did several jobs to subsidize the family.

Life has just improved, and her husband was beaten into a “rightist” and died miserable in prison.

In the later years, she has experienced countless “fatal blows”:


The property was charged, shaved around the street, was put into the rural pig farming, digs the river mud, and cleaned the toilet filled with shit urine …

Many people who went with them couldn’t stop and committed suicide, and only she raised it.

By the end of the end, when she looked back, she did not have the slightest resentment.

For her husband who hurt her a lot, she didn’t say half bad words, but praised their dad in front of the child.

She did not have any grievances to those female cadres who gave her a lot in a special era.

she says:

“I have learned a lot of things in my life. If my life has been smooth, I will never know how big my heart is and how much things can be dealt with. Now, I have a rich life.”

She is known as “the last noble in Shanghai”

Guo Wanying.

I often think, how powerful a person needs to have to have a strong heart to talk about the painful past;

How much requires a person to forget all scars in the laughter.

Treatment of suffering as a gift and a scar as a medal. This woman who has never broken the spiritual spine lets us see:

What is most reflected in life is the courage to be in trouble and the courage to reconcile with the past.

A real strength of a person is that he can sit and watch the wind and flowers, but also laugh at flowers and flowers.

The wind comes, and the footsteps are still stunned in the fluttering; the wind goes to the calmness of the soul in the rest of his life.


Shen Fu wrote in “Six Ji”:

“You must not be welcomed first, you must not worry about it. You must not be retained. Listen to it, you should go to him.”

At the time of the ups and downs, it can be affordable. After the dust is settled, it can be put down.

In this way, we can survive the turbulence of fate and go to the rich place of life.

Walking through the vicissitudes of the world, over the stormy waves, I hope you are still in the heart.

Source: Dianjian

Author: Insight · Annabe Su

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