The stockings are treated by men.

How many men don’t love stockings? Is a man wearing stockings, is it metamorphosis?

Say you don’t believe, in fact, the stockings are done for our steel straight men.

If you call the time to the 15th century Spain, you will find that the nobility men’s undergoes, will wear a pantyhose made from wool, cotton and linen, and expose its own beautiful leg lines.

This pantyhose is called “hose”, it is the nasal ancestors of today’s stockings.

The man at that time was quite obsessed with this pantyhose.

One of them is the strongest, the number of points is called the French Sun King Louis 14.

He can say that his pantyhose can be said.


At the age of 28, he, a red pantyhose, exclusive C bit.

He is 63 years old, still is a white pantyhose, proud of the old.

If you are enough, you will find that he is still the fashion nose of high heels.

He loves his pantyhose, it is still inherited.


His Zeng Sun Luyi fifteen, and the son of Louis fifteen Lu Yi sixteen, all the fanatic enthusiasts of pantyhose.

Louis fifteen


Louis sixteen

Not only that, this pantya socks set off in Louis XIV, blew from France to the entire Europe, and even the Pope was also cultivated.


In the 16th century, Spaniard improved the process of pantyhose, separated panties and trousers, and used silk to prepare.

Here, it is very close to today’s stockings.


If you look at today’s eyes, you will probably feel that men wear stockings are very young. But you don’t know, at the time, the most fierce man in the world couldn’t resist the temptation of stockings.

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