Is the raisins good or not? It depends on the size of the size, keep in mind the “3 steps”, and the quality is easy to save

Grape is a very nutritious fruit. After the raisins are sunny, the nutrition is concentrated, and the nutritional value is higher. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially the rich calcium and iron content. Nourishing good products.


I can eat raisins frequently, which can be beautiful and beautiful, nourish qi and nourish blood, strong muscles and bones, and have a lot of benefits, so I often buy some raisins and put them at home. It can be eaten directly or made of food. Life is good now, you need to buy things well, but do you know what kind of raisins are good? If you don’t understand, learn from me to pick raisins.

From the production process, the raisins are divided into two types: natural drying and drying, and which one is good for scattered bulk and bags from the packaging?

Today, let’s talk about how to choose bulk raisins. As long as you remember the “3 -step”, you can easily pick up high -quality raisins and collect it quickly.

【Picking raisins three steps】

1. Look at the appearance

Different varieties of grapes are different in size, so it is not possible to use raisins in size. What do you look at? It mainly depends on whether the particles are full and whether the size is uniform. The size of the same variety is basically the same size. If there are large and small, it means that the quality is relatively poor. If the particles are not full, it is not high -quality raisins.

In terms of color, the color of fresh raisins is relatively bright. If it is placed for a long time and is oxidized after contacting the air, the color will become darker, and it will easily absorb the moisture and deteriorate.


However, it should be noted that the particularly bright raisins cannot be bought, and they are chemically treated.

2. Grab a handful

High -quality raisins have a higher degree of dryness, so that it is not easy to deteriorate and has a long shelf life. The moisture content of raisins is 17%, which is relatively dry. Grab it with a hand and let go. It should be clear granules and will not stick together.

If you catch it, it is sticky into a ball, indicating that the raisins are wet and sticky. It is easy to deteriorate and cannot be bought.


3. Taste the taste

Bulk raisins are generally tasted. Taste one. Normal raisins should be sweet without any odor. If there is a odor, it must be inferior. It should be noted that if the raisins have a sulfur flavor, it means that it has been smoked with sulfur. This kind of raisins are yellow and bright, and they sell well, but do not buy. The residual sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard and is harmful to the human body.


In addition, if the raisins taste are particularly sour, it means that the grape maturity is not enough. It is made of unprepared grapes, and the quality is also poor.


Through these 3 points, you can easily buy high -quality raisins. If you buy a bag of raisins, be sure to look at the ingredients table. Only one ingredient of “raisins” is high -quality raisins. Also look at the production date, the closer the date, the better.

How to eat raisins? Is it to eat if you open the bag, or do you have to wash it? Whether it is dry or dried raisins, there are more or less dust and impurities. Should I wash it? How to wash? Is it okay to rinse with water? This is not clean, teach you a way.


【Washing raisins】

Especially the raisins that are naturally dry, there are many sand and dust on the surface, which are dirty. It is not recommended to eat it directly.

Put the raisins into the bowl, add an appropriate amount of salt, flour, stir well with your hands, soak it for 5 minutes, and then rinse it with water or cold water to eat.

Salt can sterilize and disinfect, remove bacteria, microorganisms, etc. on the surface of raisins, and the flour has adsorption ability. The dust and impurities on the surface are absorbed down, and the raisins become clean. I think my article is good, please like me, comment, forward, collect, and follow, see it next time.

Is the raisins good or not? It depends on the size of the size, keep in mind the “3 steps”, and the quality is easy to save

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