Women who are all worried about the women’s wear? get Yang Yuying wearing a coat with a middle boots, fashionable and foreign

Yang Yuying, who has a singing voice like a bird, is a goddess in the minds of many people. Gentle and generous dressing and decent behavior have doubled her charm. In fact, it is better to choose the shallower when choosing clothes. This is not only very helpful for creating our gentle and charm, but also does not make us look old and dull. After all, middle -aged women can easily fall into misunderstandings when they are worn. Use a beige jacket to match, and the use of long design will greatly improve our comfort. The warmth effect is very good. It is very suitable for autumn and winter. Completely.


Women who are all worried about the women’s wear? Get Yang Yuying wore a coat with a middle boot, fashionable! Yang Yuying chose a long beige coat this time. The beige is very lined with her complexion, and her special tenderness coincides with her personal character. At the same time, for some women who usually prefer low -key but want to make them look more elegant, beige is also a more suitable color. It can create a gentle atmosphere for us and make the whole person look more dignified Feel.


The design of the shoulder is also more distinctive. Generally, many coats will imitate the suit design and use the element of the shoulder pads to match. Like Yang Yuying’s coat, the design of the shoulder is used. The design of the falling shoulder will make women’s shoulders look narrower, so that the body’s body looks particularly slender, which can increase the weakness of women and enhance their aesthetics.


The long design is very suitable for Yang Yuying and is more suitable for autumn and winter. After all, the weather in autumn and winter is very cold. Choosing a long coat can bring us a better warmth effect, and the long coat is also concave -shaped shape. The weapon.

Inside Yang Yuying chose a high -necked sweater for herself to match. The design of the turtleneck made her neck look more slender. At the same time, her jaw line could be modified to some. More exquisite and small, this can also bring a more elegant and dignified feeling to the whole person.

In addition, Yang Yuying’s shoes selected for herself are also more distinctive. She chose cortical mid -boots. The leather fabric is not only shiny, but also has a certain waterproof effect. Therefore The design of the mid -boots like this can also make her calf more straight and long, so as to hide women’s calf muscles.


The dress with stitching design is the love of many women, especially like this uses the blue blue in the main part, and the position of the arms is used as a color matching dress. This will form a certain contrast. The main part also uses a checkered design to match it, which will look more layered, and it will look very delicate with silver lines as color matching.


The velvet material set is very good in terms of material or comfort, because this material has good ductility, and the skin -friendlyness is very soft, very soft, and it has a low -key kind of low -key type The sense of luxury will bring us a little shiny feeling in the vagueness, adding everyone’s fashion, so it is also sought after by many women.


With the French -style collar and bubble sleeve design, it is very suitable for some women with rich figures in terms of style, because it has a good modification effect, plus this dress adds a large skirt with a large skirt. The design, a slightly fluffy skirt, made Yang Yuying’s figure well modify and improve, and also made her whole person show a more elegant and intellectual charm, and she was dignified and decent.

If you want to make yourself look more shiny, then you can choose a dress that adds a lot of sequins design, but it is recommended that you choose the same color sequins. We can choose bright yellow like Yang Yuying. The sequins dress, this will make our dressing style more coordinated, not too exaggerated, but also adds our sense of fashion.

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