A 60 -year -old woman recommends wearing more denim jackets, and herbody is reduced by age. Anyone can control

The denim jacket looks like a very simple basic item, but although this item looks very daily and ordinary, the sense of fashion and foreign spirit is very strong, and the limitation of this item is very small in age. It is also very friendly for older women who are over half a hundred. A 60 -year -old woman recommends wearing more denim jackets. Western and age -reducing, anyone can control it.

Short denim jacket


The denim jacket itself is full of casual feel, comfortable and age -reducing, which is very friendly for older women. By wearing short denim jackets The color high -waisted pants are very simple on the upper and lower body, but the overall matching effect looks very energetic.

Especially for women who are not very obvious on height, you can try to use short denim jackets with high waist style when wearing. The short and high matching skills to show the effect of the waist line movement, which can be high and long.

Denim shirt

In the spring and summer seasons, if you feel that the denim jacket is relatively heavy, you can try to use a denim shirt to replace the denim jacket. It is also a denim fabric. Compared with the thickness of the denim jacket, the refreshing feeling of denim shirt will appear. More.

When wearing a denim shirt, there are actually many ways to match. One matching method is to use denim shirts to match jeans of the same fabric. Borrowing the same fabrics with the same fabrics to present a visual harmony and extension. At the same time, when wearing a dressing method, the dressing method of the jacket can not only outline the slender sense of the waist, but also wear long legs through the dressing method of the jacket corner.


Denim jacket+basic color inside


If you want to wear the effect of age reduction through a short denim jacket, and if you want to present a sense of simplicity and stability in the body match, you can try to use a short denim jacket to match the basic color internal color The method of setting shows a complementary effect.


The most common inner color of the basic color is the stable and thin black, refreshing and clean white, and the gray that is durable and temperamental. Very strong, casually matching denim jackets will be very beautiful.

Denim jacket+bright color inside

If you have a strong ability to control the color, you can try to use a short denim jacket to match the bright color inner parallel, and use the inner and outside color binding to show a visual complementarity.

The color of the denim jacket is a very classic denim blue. This denim blue is very useful as the basic black and gray. It will be very friendly with many colors. There is no sense of disobedience together. For example, it is paired with bright red inside in the short denim jacket. It is both eye -catching and white. It can be paired with pink sports pants on the lower body.

The combination of short denim jackets and bright colors usually shows a particularly eye -catching matching effect. This local use of bright colors will make people look bright, but the requirements for body figure will be slightly slightly small. It is a bit high, because the bright colors are usually fat, and if the figure is not slender enough, it is not easy to control.


60 -year -old women should not be too rigid when they wear them. In addition to the basic black and gray items, denim jackets are also very useful items. If you want to wear a denim jacket, you may wish to wear a sense of fashion. By reference the way of wearing this fashion blogger.

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