Fake! 58 fake “Nature Park” products were investigated and punished


58 fake “Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd.” variety products were investigated and punished for 772.47 million yuan.

On January 22, according to the release of the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Huangshan Market Supervision Bureau seized a number of fake Korean imported cosmetics during the market inspection, with a total of 58 varieties, with a case value of 772.47 million yuan. According to the relevant provisions of the “Anti -Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China”, law enforcement officers will seize cosmetics for seizure.

| Source: Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration

It is understood that on January 4, the law enforcement officer of the Huangshan Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment was inspected in a cosmetics management department in Tunxi District and found that the shampoo, moisturizing cream, essence, essence, essence, essence, essence, essence, essence, and essence of “Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Toner and protective milk, the outer packaging box is decorated with Korean decoration, and the container of the packaging box is pasted with Chinese tags, which shows imported cosmetics in Korea.


However, after review, it is found that the “Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd.” is actually a South Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd., registered in Hong Kong. The company has nothing to do with the Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The use of Korean as a packaging decoration, adding Chinese labels, and marking the “Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd.” on the outer packaging. It deliberately hides the word “Co., Ltd.”, making consumers mistakenly believe that it is imported cosmetics in South Korea.


In addition, the law enforcement officers have further reviewed that the above -mentioned product cosmetics production licenses are Cantonese makeup 2016 **, Cantonese makeup 2017 **, and the production site is in Guangzhou, but the barcode on the box is 48, which is the barcode of Hong Kong (Korean barcode in Hong Kong (Korean barcode code Beginning with 88, starting from Mainland China starts at 69).

Industry insiders said that the above -mentioned South Korean Natural Park Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is not the real “Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd.”, and the same name is “South Korea Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd.”. China’s voice volume guides consumers to buy.

In fact, with explosive aloe vera gel, South Korea’s Nature Park has long been famous for Chinese consumers and has been popular in various online and offline stores for a while. Although in recent years, Nayiqille has been controversial for “trademark infringement claims”, but its products still have a market in China. Taking explosive aloe vera gel as an example, the monthly sales of the official flagship store in Tmall can reach More than 1,000 pieces.

| Intere

According to the investigation of the company, the Korean Natural Paradise Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a personal stock Co., Ltd. registered in 2010. There are currently 33 trademark information, most of which are related to “Natural Paradise”, “Naturerepublic” and other related The name and graphic trademark registration involves daily chemical supplies, kitchen sanitary ware, advertising sales, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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