How does it choose a brand in Hangzhou autumn and winter? Still tangled in winter, is it a silk or down?

People are almost inseparable from the quarters almost all year round, and the spring and summer cover is thin, and the autumn and winter cover has become a habit. It is still a bit wet in autumn and winter in Hangzhou, so it is the key to select the quilt. Autumn and winter is generally mainly covering these two quilt: silk quilt, down, Hangzhou as

“Silk’s” has been rich in silk, and there are currently many tourists who come to Hangzhou to pick a single bed, then the silk is mostly branded, which brands are good? Are you still entangled in the selection of silk or a duvet? This quilt purchase Raiders please collect!

What are the brands of Hangzhou autumn and winter?

First of all, Hangzhou is more famous silk is branded, you have to know: Masterlor, Qianhuang, Luo Le Home Textile, Rysz, Hengyuan, Silkworm, Sang Sang, Ci Yun, etc., these brands are also different, here Xiaobian Briefly introduce a few good brands.

Master Lili, I have to have a household name, this brand is established.


Year, I have focused on the silk industry


Year, I have been adopted at the same time.


The above high-quality mulberry silk is produced by the production of raw materials. At present, there are many series: the gold label series, the beautiful life series, the starry sky series, etc., there is water washing silk quilt (summer is), beautiful life mother Being, autumn and winter, pure silk is “Feng Lai”, etc.


Second, the money is established.



In the year, the company mainly focuses on the field of silkworms, silk industry, silkworm base, silk bed, silk underwear, silk life, etc., there are many brands such as Jiangnan Guyun, Hao Taizhai and other brands, the money emperor silk is also Several series such as silk filaments are used, and the silk air conditioning is soaked.


Then Luole Home Textiles, this brand is mainly a textile enterprise specializing in home textiles. The silk is also developed in the field. Luolai mainly walks the people’s silk, the price is relatively low, but the quality is guaranteed This is also the reason why many people choose Luolai silk.

The autumn and winter cover silk is still a duvet?

First of all, do you know what the advantages and disadvantages of these two quilts? Silk release advantage: its structure and human skin are similar


In contrast, there is a variety of human body necessary amino acids, with wind-resistant dehumidification, and natural nourishing effect. Silk is warm, fluffy and gentle, breathable, suitable for men and women. The disadvantage is that cleaning will be a bit trouble, but like the MasterColi will have a special cleaning department to provide you with silk cleaning services, this is still very human.

Down is well warm, and has good hygroscopicity, smoothness, gentle and smooth. Disadvance: Down is filled with fine flush, it is easy to drill out, so high-end duvets are dealt with, and this causes the fabric hard, not close.

I have seen the advantages and disadvantages of these two quilts, I want you to have an answer in your heart? Not act soon




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