The main operation of the rope skipping, mastering the scientific professional competitive skills is particularly important

There are a lot of practical tips in the rope skipping rope. In the process of force, you only need to use the wrist to force it. The other parts of the body should not move as much as possible. Look ahead, keep a good breathing rhythm, and be good at using the feedback energy provided by the body when landing.


When skipping the rope, hold the middle and back end of the handle with both hands, so that your gestures can be more natural without showing a state of “jumping”; when you are trying, the power of the wrist flexibly, other parts of the body, and other parts of the body. Maintain stability, focus on the strength point on the wrist. At the beginning, you must not be too strong. You must pay attention to a gradual process, which can not only allow your body to gradually enter the best competitive state, but also to the greatest extent to avoid The mistakes caused by the start gradually strengthened the intensity, seeking stability in the early stages, seeking speed in the middle and late stages, and not being able to work in the middle and late stages.

When participating in the competitive campaign, it is best to put on a pair of sports shoes. The athlete’s soles are softer, which can provide a buffer effect, reduce the loss of the body during the fall of the human body. Sports shoes can bring better energy feedback to athletes, save athletes’ physical strength, and make the athlete’s performance better. And the height of the take -off should be controlled. The control of the jumping height is that it is most suitable through the rope, which not only saves time, but also retains physical strength.




After mastering the small details of the effort and some of the skipping process, the athletes also need to pay special attention to the warm -up movements before the skipping. This step is very critical. Almost any sports competition needs to do a certain degree of hot water. Let the body enter the best competitive state as soon as possible, so as to get better results in the game.

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