121 square meters of three -bedroom design description, what is the effect of 150,000 yuan decoration? -Lijiang Garden’s left bank decoration

I just bought a new house and chose a half -pack method to decorate. After looking for the decoration company introduced by an acquaintance, I was finally renovated for a few months. The 121 square meter three -bedroom house on the left bank of the Lijiang Garden in my house. It costs 150,000 to find acquaintances for half a package of decoration. Do you think it is worth it?




Style: American style

Case set: 490

The American living room style is more embedded with embedded gypsum ceiling, and the exquisite crystal ceiling creates a nostalgic and romantic feeling. Taking marble as a ground decoration material, the gloss is good, and a large pattern carpet is paved in the sofa area, making the space area more clear. The combined sofa and the coffee table have superior texture, which allows the American classical style to further show it.

The color of the living room in the home has many selectivity, such as beige, light green, etc., which look very atmospheric, and the overall looks very elegant. The color of the sofa can be selected more fresh, which makes people feel refreshing.


The combined sofa and the coffee table have superior texture, which allows the American classical style to further show it.

As a hospitality area, the living room is generally required to be simple and fast. At the same time, the decoration is clearer and brighter than other spaces. Usually, a large number of stone and wooden surface decorations are used;

The decoration of the bedroom is rigorous. The bedroom bedside table should be determined according to the size of the bed. The 1500mm bed placed a bedside table of about 500mm. The 1800mm bed needs to be more than 600mm wide. The bedroom is equipped with a 1.2m bed, 10 square meters to -20 square meters with a 1.5m bed, and a bedroom of more than 20 square meters needs to be equipped with a bed of more than 1.8m. The TV size is the best in 37-inch-42 inches, the height of the wardrobe is at least 1800mm, and the depth of the cabinet does not exceed 600mm.

Use the warm and soft set of cloth to decorate it, and at the same time uniformly uniformly in the soft furnishings and color.

The bedroom layout is relatively warm. As the private space of the owner, the focus is mainly based on functional and practical comfort. Generally, there is no top light in the bedroom.

The plane layout of the bathroom space is related to the climate, economic conditions, culture and living habits, and family members. The size and form of equipment have a lot to do. The decoration bathroom must be considered in all aspects.


The wet and wet separation of the bathroom can make different spaces use each, which does not affect each other, which largely facilitates people’s lives and improves the quality of life.


The following is the apartment map of the 121 square meter three -bedroom house in the left bank of the Lijiang Garden.

Lijiang Garden left bank flat furniture layout map


121 square meters of American style design cases in the left bank of Lijiang Garden, do you see it? In fact, a 121 square meter house is the most reasonable to create a three -bedroom room. Coupled with the American style, the house is more high -end. Friends who like this American style can consider it. In addition, pay attention to the reasonable use of space when decorating to avoid waste.

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