The 19 -year -old teenager has temperament! Learn Yi Xi Qianxi down jackets, and you can be so handsome in the new year

As a member of TFBOYS, Yi Xi Qianxi has made great progress in the development of last year. It not only rectifies his acting skills in the TV series “Changan Twelve hours”, but also appeared in the movie “Young You” later. It also gained a good reputation, successfully torn off the label of the traffic, and became a powerful niche.

Not only does strength and face value coexist, but also Yi Qian Qianxi’s sense of fashion and clothing, is also the best among their peers. Every time they appear in front of the camera, they have their own unique youth atmosphere. A few days ago, Yi Xi Qianxi appeared at the airport. The shape of a blue striped shirt in a black down jacket was quite bright. Let’s take a look together!

The down jacket is a must -keeping item for winter, but I believe that after many friends wear it, the visual effects are not ideal, and they often make themselves very bloated. However, the matching of Yi Xi Qianxi perfectly solved the bloated feeling brought by the down jacket, and it can still show his thin figure.


Yi Xi Qianxi’s down jacket is black. Black is a very lean effect. After putting it on, it will not feel too fluffy. Generally speaking, when we choose down jackets, if we want to be thin, we can choose some dark down jackets as much as possible so that wearing it can better reduce the bloated feeling of down jackets.


The blue striped shirt inside also has a good lean effect. The unique lightness of the shirt can easily make Yi Xi Qianxi’s figure look thinner. And with a strong down jacket with a strong expansion, it is well formed with the tight and tightness of the outside. In terms of visual effects, it can naturally set off Yi Xi Qianxi’s body shape to be more slim.


The shirt is a vertical stripe design, which looks quite retro and fashionable. When we choose a striped shirt, we must also pay attention. The horizontal stripes can easily make our figure look fat, so if you are not very confident in your figure, you should choose the shirt of the vertical stripe design as much as possible. Slender, and can eliminate sight, making the figure look taller.


Black down jackets and blue shirts are matched, and the color matching is also very good. Black is a relatively old -fashioned color. Wearing it often makes the shape monotonous and dull. At this time, we must choose a color matching color with a strong sense of contrast to reduce the black brought by black Old feeling. Blue, white, red, etc. are all very good colors, and wearing it will make us look younger.


The neckline of this blue striped shirt of Yi Xi Qianxi also has a white button design. Although the weather is cold, Yi Xi Qianxi is still very bold and did not tie the buttons, so that the overall shape has a sense of free and easy -going. It is the best style of your own style.

Walking on the airport with a mask in his pockets, Yi Xi Qianxi’s shape is really handsome. The New Year of the New Year is approaching. If you do n’t know how to wear your friends, you can also learn to match Yi Xi Qianxi. I believe you can also wear the same effect.

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