Cross -stitch in life

At that time, among the colleagues and friends around me, some people started to embroidery cross -stitch, but I never interested. To be precise, I was not interested, but always had a doubt about myself. Persist in embroidery and suspect whether I can embroider a complete pattern. If it wasn’t for Grandpa, I am afraid that I wouldn’t have associated with the cross stitch until now, because in my mother’s eyes, I would always be the kind of girl who did not understand the vertical line and the grass seedlings.

In the cold winter, Grandpa was found in the late stage of lung cancer, and it was still 2-3 months. The little girl and I went to Wangkui, who were in Suihua City to visit my grandfather. Accompany him, talk to him about what we were when we were young, talked about the story that had been happy and unforgettable, talked about his love for us, and talked about his wish still …


Not long after returning, the news of Grandpa’s death came. On that day, I locked myself in the office, did not answer the phone, and did not do work. I let the tears flow deliberately. For a while, I couldn’t accept the thorough pain of losing my loved ones!

In the next few days, I am out of order, and I like to be alone and go shopping alone. One day, when I was shopping, I walked into a cross -stitch shop without knowing it. I saw so many beautiful and colorful cross stitching. Suddenly, I seemed to be inspired. I also wanted to embroider the cross stitch! The thoughts embroidered one by one, and his old man would feel my thoughts on him if he was in heaven! I did not hesitate to choose a “bamboo report peace”, and I started my “embroidery project”. Essence As long as you have time, whether at the unit or at home, take it out and embroidered with a few stitches, embroidered, and feel that the silent pain gradually fades. In the pattern, and I have never been tired, I never want to abolish it halfway. I think it is a power of thought to support me, call me!

Finally, my first work was completed! Although it is not very delicate, but looking at it, I have a kind of relief in my heart, and it also has a kind of power. Later, two more embroidered, and later, I gave the debut to Li Mei. I didn’t want to let the “bamboo report safe” touched my most sensitive nerves, because when I saw it, I would remind me of my grandpa. Think of a lot of …

The cross stitch in my life gradually made me understand: Life is an inevitable far away, eventually leaving, losing; many things in the world focus on trying and persistence! As long as perseverance, everything is possible.

The first cross stitch: Bamboo Bao Ping An


The second cross stitch: mother and child affection

The third cross stitch: Ziqi is eastward

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