These women’s gangsters in One Piece, the last Shanzhi was fascinated by him.

In many anime works, there are many “women’s gangsters”. In the world of One Piece, there are also such a group of people. Although they are men, they have a delicate daughter’s heart. Even the people in the kingdom of Kamaka (Kamaba) are shemale. These “women’s big guys” we are talking about today have also helped the protagonist Loufei. Let me show everyone who is.

Ambrio Iwankov (Monster King)


When it comes to “women’s big guys”, I have to talk about this legend. Ivankov is the queen of the “demon kingdom” mentioned above. Ivankov’s fruit is called “hormonal fruit”. Its ability is to change human body temperature, pigmentation, growth, emotion, and even gender. As long as someone and Ivankov are enemies, Ivankov will be turned into “shemale” with fruit. In promoting the city, Iwankov helped Luffy many times, and even let Luffy “return to life” is a nobleman who is a straw hat.

Feng Kelei


Feng Kelei is also obsessed with “women’s clothing” and likes to jump ballet very much, and even many moves are named after “ballet”. At the same time, Feng Kelei is also an enthusiastic fan of Ivankov. Although Feng Kelei does not look like a woman at all, it is definitely one of the two men who like to wear women’s clothing in One Piece. In promoting the city chapter, Feng Kilei rescued Luffy many times. In order to allow everyone to escape from the promotion city, he resolutely turned into Magellan’s appearance and commanded the guards to open the door, and was later locked in the prison by Magellan. Now Feng Kelei is already the “new queen” that promotes the new shemale garden in the city, and it can be regarded as the “dream” of Feng Kolei.

Enzuma (Lightning)

Euna Zuma is the subordinates of Ivankov and one of the cadres of the revolutionary army. Lightning was originally male, but after being injected with female hormones by Ivankov, he could convert gender at will. Of course, I also thank Iwankov very much for this lightning. I can see that the lightning heart still lives in the “daughter”. During the promotion of the city, he followed the shemale king to help Luffy, and used the fruit ability to make a “staircase” on the top of the war to help Luffy save Ace faster.

To hide

Tibetan is the captain of the 16th team of the original White Beard Pirates and the elder brother of Xiaoju. Tibetan is a heir who is a flower Liuliu. In his early years, he had followed Guangyue Yutian. After that, he followed the ship on the ship of the white beard. Since then, he has been walking with the White Beard Pirates. Tibetan is a man wearing heterosexual costumes. The pink kimono with a heart -shaped lipstick on the lips is decorated with Tibetan signboards. It is one of the few eye -catching “women’s clothing”. Cover Luffy and Shiping during the war, and won a lot of time for Luffy.




If this person does not say that many people do n’t know it is a man, after all, he is really camouflage. Both posture and shape are exactly the same as real women. Xiaoju is one of the nine heroes of the kingdom of peace, and she is also the younger brother of Tibetan. Xiaoju’s tall body, Ji Fa’s hairstyle, from the appearance, is a “beauty” from the kingdom of peace. In the current plot, Xiaoju and Luffy have formed an alliance to fight against Kaido Great Snake together. The Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates also loves Xiaoju for a long time. I don’t know if Sanji knows if the truth will think of the experience of the “shemale island” ~


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