Exclusive: The ranking of the ranking of the five provinces in the Southwest provinces is exposed in order.

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Due to economic and population factors such as economic and population, the development of the local communications industry is not prominent. Especially in the context of the stronger development of China Unicom’s development in the ten provinces in the north, the development of many southwestern provinces has to be paid attention to. Under a series of reforms such as mixed reforms for many years, the development of China Unicom’s Southwest provincial companies has also undergone a lot of changes.

According to the “2022 China Unicom Provincial Top 31” list of “2022 China Unicom Provincial Company”, which is exclusively created by the operator,

The income scale of companies in the five southwestern provinces is Sichuan Unicom, Guizhou Unicom, Chongqing Unicom, Yunnan Unicom, and Tibet

独家:联通西南五省公司排名曝光 按年收入依次是四川贵州重庆等

Among them, Sichuan Unicom ranks first.

Sichuan Unicom is the first place in the Southwest province of the group, and it ranks 16th in the group as a whole. It is not easy to encounter fierce competition in the local area. At present, a total of 39,000 stations shared with 5G base stations have been built to achieve full coverage of the province’s county or above. At the same time, 115,000 4G shared communities were opened, and the 4G population coverage increased to 95%.

Guizhou Unicom is the second place in the Southwest Provincial Company of the Group, and its revenue in the group ranks 22nd. Guizhou Unicom actually has a good performance, has a high local market share, and has a high morale of employees. Last year, Guizhou Unicom achieved a quality leap in the construction and application promotion of Gigabit Networks. It has now available in the province’s urban areas of “three Gigabit” network access capabilities of Gigabit 5G, Gigabit Broadband, and Gigabit WiFi. On this basis, Guizhou Unicom also specially creates a new generation of home network FTTR and OTN government -enterprise boutique network for customers with low latency, high reliability, and widely covered smart networks.

Chongqing Unicom is ranked third in the Southwest Provincial Company of the Group, and also ranked 23rd in the group. Chongqing Unicom’s market share has always been good, belonging to the provincial company with good benefits in the South. Moreover, in recent years, Chongqing Unicom has repeatedly innovated in business. Not long ago, the traditional fixed-line business has made new positioning, and “new fixed-line” uses new technologies based on IMS calls to rely on the “Unicom 3 Gigabit” (5G Gigabit, Broadband Gigabit, Wi-Fi Gigabit) network, Access through the Internet, this is also a new performance growth point explored by the company.

Yunnan Unicom is the fourth southwest provincial company and the group is 26th. In fact, it is not easy to get such a ranking. In Yunnan, Yunnan Mobile has occupied the first local market share for more than 20 consecutive years. Yunnan Unicom’s market share is much smaller than Yunnan Telecom, and the company’s performance is naturally slow. However, the company has made a mixed reform in the past few years. In the past two years, it has begun to achieve results. Before the end of last year, Yunnan Unicom had built 13,000 5G base stations, covering major urban areas, counties and townships. It is expected that this year will improve.

The last one is Tibet Unicom, which is also ranked 31st in the group. Due to the remote geographical location, scarce population, the scale of the three operators is not large, but Tibet Unicom’s local market share in the local area is low.

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