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Whether it is a novice driver or an old driver who has many years of experience, it still maintains a consistent recognition of the driving recorder. Although some traffic accidents cannot be avoided, they can export the truth and avoid encountering “touching porcelain”. But the question is, what hard indicators should a good driving recorder have?


Almost the driving recorder we can buy is 2 million pixels or more, which is the Full HD 1080P we often see. The 1080P resolution is 1920×1080 = 2073600 pixels, about 200W pixels. But there are recorders with a resolution of 1440 × 1080 or 1280 × 720, which are lied as 1080P. In fact, their screenshots will be average on the computer. And it is said that you have 3 million or even 5 million pixel recorders, which actually refers to static pixels, not pixels of video.

In fact, 1080P resolution is not achieved by any driving recorder. If you want to meet 1080P, you must meet two conditions. One is that the main control chip, that is, the CPU can handle so many pixels, and the other is that the sensitive chip under the lens must collect more than 2.07 million pixels, which is the worst and 3 million pixels. Sensitized chip.

Wide angle:

Similar to 100 ° wide -angle products, there will be no position on the ends of the end of the engine cover, and the record will be missing. The 120 ° wide -angle has been able to cover the range of most of the cars in front of the windshield. Even the “actor” that deliberately touched the porcelain to the front wheels cannot be avoided. The 140 ° or higher recorder can cover most of the ahead of the cars or even the SUV. According to the car and driving recorder on the market now, ordinary cars only need 120 ° -150 ° wide-angle recorders. If you install 160 ° wide-angle driving recorders, it is best to record the A-pillar containing the A-pillar on both sides of the sides. The complete picture of the position does not cause the picture to be too deformation. However, a wider angle recorder greater than 160 degrees, either there is a deficiency, or there will be a lot of distortion. Not only does the picture look dizzy, but the edge of the picture, such as the people or license plates, will be pulled and deformed.

Automatic adjustment speed adjustment speed:

In the actual car environment, such as entering the tunnel, the bottom of the bridge, the head of the bridge, entering and leaving the parking lot, all are where the light and dark changes are greater. Surgery.

Additional features:

At present, the more popular additional function is a post -camera. Needless to say, its function is to record the situation behind the vehicle. But in this way, the requirements for memory card capacity are even higher. For the recording of Full HD 1080P, the 32G memory card can be recorded for 4 hours, and if the rear lens is added, it will become 2 hours. Of course, because the recorder uses a circular recording mode, except for the emergency video, the others will be covered by new records, so there is no full memory card.

Memory card:

Although the price of the driving recorder is hundreds of thousands, if it is equipped with a poor memory card, the recorder’s shooting function is even more powerful. At present, the memory card of the recorder generally has TF cards and SD cards. But no matter which memory card you buy, remember to choose a mainstream memory card with C10 or U1 specifications, and the HC i symbol, because the storage speed is fast enough, there will be no leakage seconds or even video errors, etc. Happening.

Some people think that the driving recorder does not buy this thing, anyway, I can’t get any accident anyway. Actually, it is the best thing to encounter anything. What kind of in case? Who can guarantee that you will not be in case of the car, is it still a few hundred pieces? What’s more, as Internet companies are now After joining one after another, the price of the driving recorder was repeatedly lowered, and the cost performance was very high.

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