The split straight shoulder dresses+stick needle Xiaoxian bag, woven the biggest card to wear

This story means that the slit is not dripped if it is not opened

Every beautiful woman in the forum has nothing to do with it,

Mine is … (disaster film?)

The original intention is to weave this:

Can you tell me this difficult?

Add this side:

Is it difficult to have it? Intersection

A simple one fork, the basic requirement is to be neat and beautiful,

I don’t understand why I need to be strong

There is only one picture that appears in my head on this slit,

Just woven in three pieces

That’s just this:

You can only blame to learn art,

I didn’t notice that twisted twist is a song

Three pieces of weaving, I still have to send him on the road

The corpse returned soul -to -three songs officially played

After that, the skirt is not reduced enough,

Turned to the hippocampus

If you are afraid of dismantling, you are afraid of who ~~~~

I witnessed the journey of X Y Z heart road,

There is no image anymore,

The hair is distributed, but did you complete a planet battle?

Sisters add a courage to score

It’s certain that there is no shortage of small samples

Used: a horse -sea hair color yarn about 500g, a thin 30%cashmere cotton about 300g

Use needle: 5.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 4 mm

Size: 83cm long dress, 53cm hem, 50cm of bust, 51cm sleeve length

Self -made clothing composition:


for reference only

Skirt body hem: a piece of front and rear slices,

5.0 mm from 218 stitches,

1 needle under -needle edge needle + 3 monocular tattoo + 12 needle x7 flowers + 3 monocular tattoo + 1 needle under -needle edge

According to Figure A to the 54th line (3 flower type high)

Then weave the skirt, with a needle every 7 stitches, a total of 30 stitches. Weaving full flat need

The remaining 170 stitches are woven to 63cm, divided into front and rear weaving.

The back of the upper body:

4.5 mm, add a needle according to the graph, at this time 89 stitches,

After weaving until 21cm, there are 28 stitches in the middle, and the needle is reduced by the clothes composition on both sides.

Make a retreat at the same time at the 6th line of the needle.

Piece of the upper body:

4.5 mm, the number of stitches is the same as the rear film 89 stitches, weave 16cm, open the front collar

Leave 20 stitches in the middle, and then reduce the needle on both sides.

At the same time at the 10th row of the needle, do the retreat 7/7 // 7,


According to Figure B, from 54 stitches, 12 stitches x 3 half -flowers+ 1 needle under each needle edge needle

After weaving 21 rows of flowers, uniformly minus 6 stitches, left 48 stitches

The upper woven full flat needles are added with the cuff. The sleeve reaches 51cm. Sewing for pleated needles.

Switch to the front and rear body slices, and the sleeves are over.


4.0 mm Pick 114 stitches, 3 lines of rubbing board, weaving diagram C (blue box)*

Then reduce 24 stitches, 90 stitches left;

2 Rubbing panels after weaving*, minus 15 stitches;

2 Rubbing the board after weaving*, minus 7 stitches, and finally have 78 stitches,

Weaving two rubbers, elastic needles are over.


4.5 mm according to Figure B, with 50 stitches, 12 stitches x 4 flowers

Weaving full flat needles down to the deep flat collection of pockets,

Switching in the appropriate position of the skirt ends.

(Weaving pockets in the original method, knitting sewing, do not set off)

Skirt flower -type self -made illustration:

Referring to the weaving method diagram, note that the middle of my flower type is two stitches

Hyunxuan small shoulder bag

It is original. Most stinky

For reason, the giant gray bears clothes are really monotonous and dull,

It is feasible to find some colors to improve the atmosphere

Just poke a toy bag to support the field

Used: There are about 100g of all kinds of organic cotton

Size: 10 cm long, 24.5 cm wide, chain 118 cm

Use needle: 4.0 mm

62 braids of hook hooks, use bottom pad color lines in the braid (#1) to pick 61 stitches,

(20 stitches and one flower type X 3+ 1 needle edge)

Weaving 1 row needle, then weaving 3 lines rubbing the board, and then weaving 2 lines to the needle

(Should be rubbed in 2 lines, let the lipstick, put a mobile phone almost the same

Anyway, I can’t install too many bricks.)

Continue#2 color line flowers, according to Figure D flower type 4 rows;

Continue#3 color line, according to Figure D flower type 4 lines

At this time, you can remove the line, put it on with a rod needle, and start the other side of the weaving bag:

#2 Color lines are exhausted, according to Figure D Flower Type 4 lines;

(Everything at the bottom is so good)

The front and rear pieces are sutured, your heart water#4,#5,#6 color. Essence You can woven

The height of the rainbow color and bag is preferenced with personal preferences

Finally, weave N lines of monocular tattoos, if you need to open one by one, two buttons

The set is over. I too lazy to do the rope

Find two stationery buckle on the left and right sides, carry it with a bag and complete.

(Weaving about 3cm height, suture the left and right sides, and woven upwards

The difficulty is almost zero)

Then there is a dazzling bag self -made illustration sharing:


Great work, hee hee

When I was woven,

The films of the Philippines and Liang Chaowei were repeatedly broadcast.

The Huangmei tone sang around the beam for three days,


Just hate time too hurried … “

I can also sing after the clothes are woven.

Here one pocket, one bag, two bags, a pair

In any case, the weaver’s production is

Unique, the world is unparalleled, allowing pride to be proud


for reference only

Continue#3 color line, according to Figure D flower type 4 lines

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