What are the reasons why the diaphragm pump does not work?

What are the reasons why the diaphragm pump does not work?

In the process of using various series of diaphragm pumps, sometimes the diaphragm pump suddenly collapses and cannot work. Due to the lack of understanding of the structure of the diaphragm pump, many users do not know why the diaphragm pump does not work. In fact, the reasons for not working in the diaphragm pump are as follows:


1. Because the air source from the air compressor is not clean, the air intake of the diaphragm pump is not equipped with an air filter, which will cause water to enter the gas distribution valve, because the water source contains a part of the water, because the piston in the gas distribution valve is upward upward upward And the sliding operation downwards. Due to the water in, the valve will be stuck after splashing water, which will cause the diaphragm pump to freeze. The solution is to install an air filter at the intake inlet of the diaphragm pump.

2. Use the old stainless steel diaphragm pump. The diaphragm pump product still uses an external gas allocation valve. Due to the relatively large environmental dust, the pneumatic diaphragm pump will run in the dust environment for a long time, and the dust will penetrate into the distribution area. The piston cavity of the gas distribution valve is contaminated in the gas valve, causing the gas distribution valve to be stuck.

3. The diaphragm of the diaphragm pump is damaged due to liquid corrosion and excessive gas supply pressure for a long time. The solution is to replace the new diaphragm or replace the diaphragm that is more suitable for medium corrosive and adjust the gas supply pressure.

4. The gas supply pressure is too low or the gas supply is not enough to meet the standard requirements of the gas interval diaphragm pump. The solution is to adjust the air pressure and gas flow to meet the standard requirements.

5. The exit valve of the diaphragm pump is closed and forgot to open it, so that the diaphragm pump cannot run normally. The solution is to open the outlet valve.

In summary, the cause of the partial pump does not work and the cause of the septum pump.

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