True fashionable woman, autumn and winter will preparation this “tobacco tube tie”, sweater shirt is so beautiful

The smart woman has a hand in the warmth and fashion sensation. In their fashion show, almost can cover aestheticity and cold, cold winter months, how to do the foreign air and free of frozen, except for the coat to wear, choose It is also very critical to the inside, or how can there be a variety of fresh elements? Today’s protagonist debut, it is a tube tie.


New Jin


Tobacco tie


How old is there, let the little sisters love it deep?


Looking at the bloggers, the blogger street, and their autumn and winter will never be simple, and the various forms of laminated effects are less than the use of this practical wild.

If there is an indispensable thing in autumn and winter, it is of course the top shirt that is the most personal, the best to help people. The role of bottoming shirts is not only warm, but now it has developed to the role that is still in touch. So fresh elements, everyone, you are good, catering to fashion trends, and you can make your own beautiful.


Fashion foreign air, how to wear the use of the useful smokeer, followed by the tide people, you can find it. Don’t let your autumn and winter match, it is inert, and the wild tobacco tube is worn!

What is “smoke tube”?


Upper collar or more, the high collar is not full, and it is used to describe the smoke tube. This is a necklace, a human bottoming shirt, which is higher than the low lead, caught in the wrapped neck is not frozen, but there is no high-end bondage, and it is uncomfortable to form a card neck.


Suitable for people: the neck is relatively short, and the face-to-face girl has a warm and modified face.


Wearing the Get Tobacco Terminal

First point: Choose awareness

(1) Select the length of the neck

The length of the neck is thin, you can determine the choice of the design of the neckline of the smoke tube, can play the fancy effect. Although the unified role of the tankers is to modify the neckline, people have fat and thin, and the neck is rough, and the reference factors are still paying attention to.


1 neck short thick choice straight collar

Short and thick girls, strive to put the neck line in the first place! It is the best choice to choose a classic straight collar, which is the best choice to select a slender selection.

2 neck elongate selection level


Girls who have a generous neckline are too late, and the advantages of eye, you can choose, and there are many priorities in the style of the tobacco tubes. Some tobacco tubes with a layer-like design are also an element of a plurality of points.

Pile collar

It is the neckline of the extremely popular bottoming shirts, the collar, is a significant feature of the increase in layer, and the neck is full of stylish.


Lace design

It is also a big point. The flowers of the flowers are generally designed, with a slender neck, and the girl’s smart is sweet, and through this fine, it is highlighted.


(2) Selection of wearing

The wearing method of the pipeline, which is used in outer wear and inner, and is a different landscape. When we wear, you can be used as a single dressing single dress, and when you can take it, you must pay attention to the fitness.


☛ ☛ ☛ 时 时 领 领 口

When choosing the way weehed, the neckline of the tobacco pipeline, can be slightly free, jumping out of the engraving impression, using the smoke tube iszanded as a fashion item with an outer wear. On the version and the neck, you can choose to relax the design.


Pay attention to the skin in the end


And as a cobotio, you should pay attention to its fitness. It is a qualified matching artifact. For example, when you are with a variety of jackets, the shape of the pipelines, whether it is a version or the neckline, pay attention to the skin, more appropriate.

Second point: learning to match

Style 1: commuter


Daily commuter white-collar women, etc.

♦ Shirt + tobacco pipe

Shirts are essential elements of professional women, this indelible classic, from beginning to end, is the love of backbone elite. In the autumn and winter hit, the neck can never endure the empty lonely, bonding the tobacco tubes of the neck, can shape your other handsome.

The choice of shirts, it is best to keep certain spaces, too slightly in the shirt, the effect is not good, and the Korean style is more charming.

Style 2: Korean leisure

It is comfortable to mention Han Feng. The biggest feel is comfortable. The famous Oversize worn is a classic way of Korean. Tobacco tanks are used in Korean casual routes, which can create a different kind of casual route, which is suitable for small cute people of vitality.

♦ Sweater + Tobacco Terrace

The sweaters wearing the wear are generally better than loose version. The daily casual style, the lazy winter, the soup, the tube tube isilla, and the warm work will be carried out in the end. So wearing a set, followed by Korean little sisters.


Sweater can be appropriately selected with colorful styles, and add some fresh feelings when wearing, with the effect of matching, and more trendy.

Style 3: Sports

The students of the students, the sports route must be the direction of everyone. Girls walking in sports style, in the choice of clothing, focusing on agefield, always on the road to vitality, is fascinating.


♦ Sweater + tobacco pipe

The youthful sweater is probably one of the individual items that are exclusive to the student. Self-confident temperament, the sleeve is a vitality that is unable to stop. The tobacco tube isowlings and sweaters are two-way plus points, and under loose sweater, it is warm and fitted, warm people, youth.

A simple jeans can be completed with the operation of the unresolved exercise. There is no need to complicate, do it to be “youth” as the body style.

Style 4: Royal Sister

To achieve the style of the Royal Sister, it is to use simple and advanced as the main route. Simple, you can show women’s gas fields and patterns. I lost the design of the flowers of the flowers, but the best performance of the gas field, the sensation of the Queen.

♦ Coat + tobacco pipe

The coat of the gas field is probably all the scoring artifacts that all the royal sister cannot refuse. There is no need to embellish, a beautifully graceful texture coat is the rhythm of others. The smoke tube is gifted, and the simplicity of the simplicity will not show “big sense”.

Don’t underestimate the role of a bottoming shirt, it seems ordinary, but as a new favorite “tobacco tube”, how can it be as simple as it! Autumn and winter are warm and foreign, and you will choose it!

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