Life | How to make the most perfect Italian coffee at home

Life | How to make the most perfect Italian coffee at home


Not all Italian coffee tastes the same,

But there is only one way to make coffee.

1 | Choose coffee beans

If you don’t have high -quality coffee beans, you will never make a good Italian coffee, no matter how you remedy it after you make it.

Remember, you can buy the best beans, and you must carefully grind coffee beans before making coffee. Some coffee bean packaging is marked on the baking date, and some even marked the date of coffee bean picking, which can ensure that your coffee beans are fresh.

Not all Italian coffee tastes the same, but there is only one way to make coffee, so you must have a adventure spirit and explore different styles and flavors.

2 | Good equipment

There is a very common error: Many people spend most of the budgets on a machine, and underestimate the importance of a good grinding machine. I recommend a few good coffee grinders: Mythos-One Clima-PROS, Anfims, Robur Mazzer-ES and Mahlkoenigek43s, but there are also some grinding grinders such as Rancilio Rocky Doser. What you need should be a grinding machine with fine -tuning function.

In addition, the Italian coffee machine you buy should provide constant pressure and temperature, and ideal, both should be adjustable. If you have such a machine, you are not far from making a good coffee.

3 | Know your water

If the water is too hard, it may destroy the taste of your coffee. In addition, the treatment agent in tap water may make your coffee a bad taste, then the coffee beans you buy a lot of money can be ruined.

If there is a family RO (reverse osmosis) device, this device can be customized. In this way, even if you are making Italian coffee, you can get a steady stream of clean water.

Another fast solution is to find soft water or mineral water, such as ASHBECK or Waitrose Essentials.

4 | Production technology

The key to making Italian coffee is mixed flavor, texture and aroma, which can only be achieved by balanced resistance and traffic. If you use a VST powder bowl, the dose you want is enough to make the texture strong, but it may make coffee too sticky. Even distributed and careful technology can make the flow of the grinding machine evenly. Try to find solutions through the amount of water, I believe you can make a perfect cup of perfect Italian coffee.

Text/James Bailey Compilation/Li Yan


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