What is the 100 -inch large screen watching the Winter Olympics? Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F revealed the answer

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be officially opened on February 4th. Sports athletes in various countries will compete in many projects such as skating, short track speed skating, curling, and skiing. Very ornamental. And how can we watch delicate dance movements and fleeting snowflakes? I believe that only the perfect display device can restore it.

Among many display devices, you can pay attention to the Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F. This product is equipped with a 410NIT ultra -high display brightness. Even the full white snow and snow scene can be fully retained. You see it hearty. In addition, it can easily project 88 inches, or even 100 inch large screens at about 200mm ultra -short distance, bringing a full sense of scene and atmosphere. Let’s enjoy this event for the Spring Festival holiday.

Three -color pure light source presents natural primary colors, as well as film -level industrial color calibration


In order to present a shocking visual experience at the scene, the strength of Hisense’s full -color laser TV L9F must be powerful.

For laser TV, light sources are the most important core configuration. Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F is equipped with a pure light source of red, green, blue, and three colors. Because there is no color wheel and fluorescent powder interference, the original color in nature can be presented in nature. To show, sports events can also bring pleasing experience. In addition, the supporting partitional heat dissipation system can efficiently discharge heat and ensure that laser TV can still be stable as early as possible.

Thanks to the supporting Fresnel Bionic screen and 410NIT ultra -high display brightness, the screen display effect of Hisense full -color laser TV L9F has been significantly improved, and the 4K+HDR high dynamic range imaging will be achieved. Fully retain, and keep in a clear state in the sun. It is worth mentioning that laser TV adopts a non -direct light source, so it can effectively block the high -energy short -wave blue light that is harmful to the human eye. Users can also turn on human eye protection mode to reduce brightness and further protect children’s vision health.


Generally speaking, sports events, movies, and TV programs will choose different color schemes, and the value range of the color will be different. In order to ensure that the video content can have the original color display effect, Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F incorporates 107%BT.2020 ultra -wide color gamut, and the color is worth 1.07 billion. In addition to the film -level industrial color calibration, it can be easy Drive various types of video content.


Audio hardware is full of gas, DTS Virtual: X brings a panoramic surround sound field


On the one hand, the quality of Hisense’s full -color laser TV L9F also carried out “壕” stacks in terms of sound quality.

This laser TV is equipped with a 2.5 -inch full -frequency speaker and 25 -core audio coil. The mid -to -high audio is wide and light, and the bass is strong and deep. sense. In the blessing of TRUBASS bass rendering, the performance of this laser TV in the bass and heavy bass will be even more shocking. It is very good for friends who love action, war or epic movies.


In order to further improve the immersion of sound quality, Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F incorporates DTS Virtual: X Sky Sound effect. This system is carefully created by the professional acoustic team. By allowing the sound to reflect the ceiling to the various corners of the living room room, it creates a joyous panoramic virtual surround sound field. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy exciting cheers. Sound and shouting.


In addition to sports events, many movies, especially the noisy background sounds in the major blockbuster blockbusters, often cover the actor’s conversation communication. For this reason, Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F has joined the TruVolume simulation ototic technology, which can perceive real -time perception The sound intensity in the video content enhances the human voice in intelligence, thereby ensuring the sound quality of the character dialogue.

Support remote 6 -way calls, as well as AI fitness private teachings “bags in”

At the moment when intelligent life is continuously popularized, Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F has opened a new experience with the unique advantages of the TV.

This laser TV is equipped with an AI camera, which can take a beautiful photo when meeting with friends on the spot. Not only that, you can realize 6 calls on this TV, allowing relatives and friends in different cities to reunite on the screen. Friends who like to watch movies can watch movies online on the same screen. Song. It is worth mentioning that Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F can also become everyone’s AI fitness private education. Not only does it have a large number of professional fitness videos, the AI ​​camera will detect their physical movements in real time, and help users exercise in the correct movements and postures. , So as to achieve more effort.

In addition, Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F also has a Vidaa AI system. After calling out the “small gathering” speech instructions, you can direct laser TV for searching for video programs, play/suspension/stop. In terms of practicality, this system supports 6 kinds of voice recognition, and the recognition distance is within 5 meters. Therefore, the high -efficiency experience of “calling” can be achieved in the viewing area, intimate and thoughtful.

For sports enthusiasts, Hisense Full -color Laser TV L9F’s powerful audiovisual experience can allow everyone to cross the venue scene and enjoy the unique sense of scene and atmosphere. Of course, watching movie blockbusters and admiring concerts is not a problem. At the same time, the excellent AI intelligent experience shows a convenient and efficient experience. At the same time, it has also broaden the application scenario of laser TV, so that it can be more closely integrated into daily life. Interested friends can go to the official platform to learn more about more Essence


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