Are you still using your hand to dismantle your clothes tags? Learn this tips, which is more convenient than using scissors

What about the new clothes we just bought back

Most of the tags like this

Without any tools


Will you drag it directly with your hands?

Due to the thin and hard tag rope


This is easy to cut our hands

Today, Xiaoyun will share with you a tip of easy to remove clothes and tags

Want to learn?

Then let’s go

What I shared today is like this plastic tag

Let’s take a look, there is a small stab on its top


If it is hard to drag, it is difficult to be dragged down

Let’s take a look at its structure first

A small ring, a sharp corner

As the saying goes

The twisted melon is not sweet


Since we can’t pull it down in the sharp corner

Then we first put this sharp corner first

Give it out from the ring

It’s like this

Then we come back to the carbine again

Turn back

See clearly

like this

La la la la, it’s like that


Force, pull out

Wow, such a tag

It’s easy to remove it

Is it very powerful?

Very practical trick to remove clothes tags

Have you learned it?

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I will share with you the super practical life every day


thank you all


We see you next time


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