The heating season is about to start. Reporter with Qilu Evening News to see what preparations for eternal thermal power company

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian reporter Zhou Qianqing

In the past few days, the temperature of Heze has dropped sharply. It is worth looking forward to that Heze’s heating season is about to start. Only a few days before the heating, what preparations for Heze’s thermal company to prepare and have enough preparations? Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yiyi, a reporter followed the staff of Heze Eternal Heating Co., Ltd. to conduct field visit to various nodes of heating.

“Smart Brain”: According to the weather “private customization”, the temperature in the home


In Heze Eternal thermal Co., Ltd., as a smart thermal network dispatch center as the “smart brain” as the heating system, several staff members are seriously monitoring operating parameters. According to the weather temperature control temperature, the optimal heating temperature is configured according to the user heating equipment … The “smart brain” of this heating system makes heating more “minds”, and it is more suitable for citizens’ heating needs.

“The smart hot network scheduling system can calculate the calories required by the entire hot network according to the weather conditions, and then automatically allocate through the automatic deployment, and allocate to each community on demand to achieve a comfortable temperature. If the weather changes, the indoor temperature of the residents will not be affected. Even when encountering extremely cold weather, it can still be ‘outdoor cold wind, the indoor warmth is like spring’. ” At present, Heze Eternal Heating Co., Ltd. has completed all the heat sources. The water injection of the competent network and one network system has been completed, and the entire network is in a cold cycle. “At present, the scheduling system is monitoring the cold cycle, mainly to discharge gas to prepare for the heating while heating,” he said.

The first stop of the hot net: everything is ready, ready to go

In the second stop, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi reporters followed the eternal heat staff and came to the company’s first stop. The first stop of the hot net is in the National Energy Heze Power Generation Co., Ltd. is the source of eternal thermal thermal energy output. One net water is heated here and passed from here to the heat exchange stations. The second net water obtains the thermal energy sent by a network at the heat exchange station, and then send the warmth to millions of households.

In the hottest stand, the machine roars, the first stop of the thermal energy has been prepared before heating.

“At present, the water in the pipe network is full, the circulating pump has been opened, and is in a cold cycle. It has the conditions for heating at any time. When the heating company notice is notified, you can put the steam for heating.” Li Wei, a special worker in the National Energy Heze Shengxin Ministry of Energy, said that when heating starts, there will be a special person for 24 hours.


It is reported that the National Energy Heze Power Generation Co., Ltd. has established a leading group for heating and power supply to protect power supply to formulate work measures from the aspects of equipment management, operation management, heating scheduling, and fuel transfer Essence

“We are preparing to be prepared at any time, and we can heated at any time. We carried out emergency drills last week, which improved the emergency response ability to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the heating system.” Li Wei said that the first stop of the heat source was invested in steam to start heating, and the temperature of the water out of the water was heated. It will reach 90 degrees Celsius, and after 12 hours, users in the area can be “hot”. On November 13, the first stop of the heat source will gradually increase and pressurize.

Heat exchange station: Key hub preparations are complete

The first stop of the hot net has been prepared to go out. The heat exchange station of each heating unit is the key hub of heating. How to complete the thermal energy conveying between the first network and the second network, the third station reporter came to the Central Tanfu Community heat exchange station.


In the heat exchange station, each equipment is not stained. The three ministers of the operation and management of Heze Eternal Heating Co., Ltd. are checked in various indexes.


According to its introduction, the community pipe network is currently in a cold circulation state and has been prepared before heating. During the formal heating, the supervisor’s hot water will enter the heat exchanger, heat the two networks in the heat exchanger, and then circulate to the owner’s house. Following the direction of the fingers of the management of China, the reporter saw two heat exchangers, a square machine of more than one meter, and was wrapped tightly by the thermal insulation layer. “There are thin and dense grids inside, and the water of the first network and the second network is crossing it in it, and the two network water heated up.” He said.

It is reported that the Central Tanfu Community is only one of the newly expanded communities heating access points in Heze Eternal Heating Co., Ltd. this year. This year, the company has expanded the heating access points of 20 communities including the Central Tanfu, the Central Northern Northern Xinduxin, and the Emerald Park, and all included in the smart heating system. At present, the communication debugging and maintenance of the smart thermal network system has been completed. The item data is being connected one after another to ensure that the pipe network balance is achieved as soon as possible in the early stage of heating.

Customer service: comprehensive and full service

In addition to the preparation of personnel and equipment preparation before heating, the Eternal Customer Service Department also sees a number of businesses to facilitate the service of the citizens.

According to the customer service department Minister He Aifang, customer service hotline work: 4 parts of the company’s service hotline, duty at 24 hours during heating, actively connect with the 12345 mayor hotline, 12319 urban management hotline, etc. One of the mayor of the mayor of the mayor, the company established the public opinion leading group and the public opinion office of the public opinion. The heads and clerk of various ministries and clerk as part -time personnel of public opinion public opinion were discovered in a timely manner.

In the service hall, there are business acceptance areas, customer payment areas, visiting reception areas, and customer waiting areas. 1. Window 2 is the business acceptance area. It mainly accepts users with hot consultation, user suspension, renames, area changes, subsistence allowance subsidies, invoice issuance and other businesses; 3 and 4 of the payment area for customers. Consultation, user payment and refund.

At the same time, the online payment channel for hot fees can be opened. Users can hold cash or corresponding bank cards through the construction banks, SPD Bank urban area counter counters, online banking, mobile banking or WeChat, Alipay payment; Jining Bank Huiji Life APP payment, the eternal thermal service hall supports cash payment.

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