The Year of the Tiger about the New Year couplet of 2022 (60 sentences of the New Year’s Division)

New Year’s couplet 1

1. Shanglian: Winter to the mountains and rivers Qi Xiuli Xialian: The Fragrant Congress of Xilai Taoli Congress: New Year’s Day

2. Shanglian: Good luck throughout the year: Bayifang’s treasure enters the door and batch: home and everything are happy

3. Shanglian: Tiansheng years Life Increases: Spring Manchun Qianfu Full Full Building Class: Four Seasons Changan

4. Shanglian: Shanglian: Spring Wind Entering Hi Cai to Furncence: Years Update Fumanmen Heng Channel: New Year’s Day

5. Shanglian: Democratic Gundai Confederation under the prosperous period: Wind and rain, the rain and chanting of the Hua Nian Chan: China Thailand An

6. Shanglian: One year of good luck with spring to the next couple: Four seasons colorful clouds rolling in cross batch: Everything is good

7. Shanglian: Green Bamboo Farewell to the Three points: Hongmei is reported to Wanjiachun horizontal batch: spring returns to the earth

8. Shanglian: Caisian Hengtong Step Step Flat: Day Red Fire Raise Channel: Welcome Spring to Blessing

9. Shanglian: Fuwang Caiwang Lucky Lower: Family Xingren Xingxing Congress: Happy Gate

10. Shanglian: Lucky Laughs and Lucky Spring Festival: Gathering together to welcome the New Year’s horizontal batch: Job Family Happy

11. Shanglian: Zhuoxing Family Family Better Federation: Ambitional entrepreneurial industry Xinglong Channel: Thoughts of thoughts

12. Shanghai Lianlian: Ronghua Range to Ping An House and Xialian: Fortune Tianchang Happy Home Channel: Five Blessing Linking

13. Shanglian: Ping An to come to the whole family portrait of the whole family: harmony to meet the full wealth of wealth: Yingchun takes the blessing

14. Shanglian: Baiye prosperous family wealthy family: Everything is good, peaceful and horizontal batch: Four seasons are like spring

15. Shanglian: Hehe Meimei Ying wealthy Xialian: Pingping An’an connected auspicious horizontal batch: Family Happy

16. Shanglian: Good Gate Court of Wealth Entrance: Fortunately

17. Shanglian: Fortune to meet the auspicious ground alliance: Fortune to the wealthy gate horizontal batch: Life Nian Feng

18. Shanglian: Fumen Hongyun Pre -Siter is good.

19. Shanglian: Four Seasons Ping An of the Four Seasons: Valuant Gate Fu Xing Gao Zhao Heng Channel: Four Seasons Like Spring

20. Shanglian: Ask for wealth, Qianqiu Qi Xialian: Entrepreneurship and Family Pepsi Class: Baiye prosperity

New Year’s couplet 2

1. Democratic Guntai meets the prosperous age, and the wind and rain will chant the Chinese year. Crossing: Minnan’an

2. Exclaimed and harvested the New Year, and the diligence and frugality have been in the family for more than a year. Horizontal batch: Guoqiang and rich people

3. Xinghongyun is prosperous every year, welcoming Baifu every year. Horizontal batch: joyful at the door

4. The festival is safe and rich, and the New Year is auspicious. Horizontal batch: Master Hengtong

5. The spring breeze is proud of the door, the good star is full of spring. Horizontal batch: Nafu Yingxiang

6. The great cause of the prosperity of the prosperity is brilliant. Horizontal batch: Grand Zhan Hongmu

7. Shanghai Union: Welcome to the Spring Festival for the Millennium, Rui Xuezhaofeng. Horizontal batch: more than year every year

8. Shanghai Lianlian: Shengshi Qianle, the New Year’s Eve. Horizontal batch: celebrate the festival

9. Shanglian: Jiji Qing, eight sections eight verses. Heng batch: Guotai Min’an

10. Shanglian: Loyalty Heachi is far away, and poems are long. Horizontal batch:

11. Shanglian: Fei Xue welcomes the spring, and the firecrackers are sent to the year. Horizontal batch: Rui Xuefengnian

12. Shanglian: Nianfeng people increase their lives, and the spring morning is full. Horizontal batch: celebrate the festival

13. Shanglian: Bai Liu rewarded the Spring sign, Qianhua Biography is happy. Horizontal batch: Tiger Qi Qi

14. Shanglian: Health Ruyi Spring, Ping An and auspicious Year. Horizontal batch: Life Nianfeng

15. Shanghai Lianlian: Xiong Tiger in the cloud, Phoenix in the sky. Horizontal batch: Bayi Yaoyao

16. Shanglian: Dongfeng welcomes the new year, Rui Xuezhaofeng. Horizontal batch: flute plum blossom song

17. Shanglian: Frequent maps and forced prosperity and great cause.

18. Shanglian: Fortunately, the festivals of the festival: Zhang Lan Jiecai Welcome to the Spring Festival Class: Family Happiness

19. Shanglian: Welcome to the New Year.

20. Shanglian: Everything is a great exhibition in the macro.

New Year’s couplet 3

1. Shanglian: Occupy Time and Local Federation and Xialian: Take Kyushu Four Seas Treasure Crossing: Fortune continues

2. Shanghai Lianlian: Spring Return to the Earth Heating of the Earth: Fusuo Shenzhou Xilinmen Heng Class: Fuxi Yingmen

3. Shanglian: Danfeng Cheng Xianglong Xianrui Xialian: Red Peach New Year Apricot Welcome Spring Class: Fuman Earth

4. Shanglian: Duo Cai, Fortune, Ping’an Mansion Xialian: Good Year, Fortunately, Fortune Family Channel: Liangchen Beauty

5. Shanglian: He Shun Yimen has hundreds of blessings and subordinates: Ping An two characters value thousands of gold batch: Vientiane update

6. Shanglian: Spring all year round is often in the next couple: Wan Ziqianhong blooms horizontally: Welcome to the New Year

7. Shanglian: Best of the year, Contemporary Federation: Elderly Jiangshan, the new horizontal batch now: Vientiane update

8. Shanglian: Xizubao Land Millennium Want Lower: Fudu Home Damn Everywhere: Happy New Year

9. Shanglian: A sailing smooth year is good.

10. Shanglian: Centennial Heaven and Earth Return to Qi Linglian: Tongshan River Inter -Pacific Crossing: Guotai Min’an

11. Shanglian: Spring Rain Silk Run all things: Hongmei Point embroidered Qianshan horizontal batch: spring is full

12. Shanglian: Dongfeng blowing out the Qianshan Green Xialian: Spring Rain Sprinkle Vientiane New Heng Catch: Fortune Rolling

13. Shanglian: Five Lakes and Four Seas are all spring colors.

14. Shanglian: A sail to the next couple of the good luck: Everything is like a good fortune.

15. Shanghai Lianlian: Spring Return to the Earth People’s Heating Lower: Fusuo Shenzhou Xilinmen Heng Batch: Fuxing Gao Zhao

16. Shanglian: Every year, Shun Jing is the source of the next year: Ping An Fa Shou multiplier: Ji Xing Gao Zhao

17. Shanglian: Dongfeng Rain Mountain Cui Xialian: Policy returns to the heart of spring batch: spring wind turns rain

18. Shanglian: Family Xiaokang Happy Day Federation: Spring returns to the earth and the sun is bright and horizontal batch: people’s hearts are happy

19. Shanglian: Followed by more people, everyone is happy.

20. Shanglian: The magnificent mountains and rivers are shots.

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