What are the common types of car gifts? What are you can use?

For many consumers who are familiar with cars, car gifts should not be a fresh vocabulary, because many automotive exhibitions, cars, and automotive 4S shops will provide car enthusiasts to have a variety of styles, types of car gifts. The following small gift will introduce the common type of car gifts and common applications common to the car gifts for some consumers who are not familiar with this kind of gift.



First, car gifts to participate in the event

In many brands of promotional activities, car gifts are also a variety of common, and there are common following:

(1) Car keychain: usually equipped with the LOGO of the car brand, and the process is also more exquisite, the shape is fashionable, and the size is moderate, it is a good choice for car small gifts.

(2) Car headrest or pillow: The style is simple and generous, the material is relatively comfortable, not only practical, but also a certain decoration.

(3) Vehicle CD clip: has a powerful storage function, can also block the sun during the day, it is not easy to be worn, and it has aesthetic and practical.


Second, the car gift for customers

After picking up the car, the car brand will also give customers some car gifts, and there are common following:

(1) Turnover in the car: generally have a meaning of safe or make a fortune, some style is beautiful, and it is also a good choice for the car ornament.

(2) Car MP3: Not only can you make a cigarette lighter head, you can also play the MP3 function, support U disk, SD card music playback, but also the button design that is easy to use, so that the feel is better. At the same time, it is also equipped with data cable, simple small remote control, insurance tube, etc., is also a small gift that customers love.


(3) Car driving recorder: This is the item that many drivers will be used, very high, and will not take up too much space, will use such items as customers gifts, I believe there are very few people who will refuse.

(4) Car small refrigerator: Some car brands are relatively generous or customers are VIP, which will provide a very wide small refrigerator.

Third, the auto show uses car gifts

(1) Mobile bracket: usually printed with brand logo, do careful, smart and durable, more affordable.

(2) The car is bonded to the flat article, and it will not easily leave traces. There is a certain hydrophobic, easy to clean.

(3) Multi-functional car special safety hammer: hardness and toughness are better, there is stainless steel ingredients, which enhances safety performance, one of the necessary items.

The above is a common type and application place for Xiaobian to introduce you. In fact, it can also be divided into many different types. There are also many different examples, and friends who need to purchase car gifts are welcome.


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