MJ Xinyi District Pink Christmas Tree Dream Festival FU Passing by passing by passing by passing by

▲ MJ arranges two pink Christmas trees at the door of the breeze. (Photo / brand provided)

MJ信义区造粉红圣诞树 梦幻节庆FU走过路过必打卡

Zhang Yan / Taipei Report

In December, Christmas Month, major boutiques came out, the window layout of the FU, and even the time when I had the opportunity to see the layout of the boutique Christmas tree once, this year (2019) American fashion brand Marc Jacobs arranged two trees in Xinyi District. “Pink Christmas Tree”, prepare to reinstate all passers -by’s dream girl heart!

MJ信义区造粉红圣诞树 梦幻节庆FU走过路过必打卡

▲ Pink Christmas trees are rare, and fantasy is doubled. (Photo / brand provided)

MJ信义区造粉红圣诞树 梦幻节庆FU走过路过必打卡

Marc Jacobs (MJ) pink Christmas tree stands on the front gate of the first floor of the breeze Xinyi. The two pink Christmas trees are placed on the left and right sides of the gate. You must not forget to take Zhang Meimei’s punch photos passing by. The reason for the arrangement here is that walking into the door MJ specialty store is located on the first floor of Breeze and Yi Xinyi. It is indeed a FU method.

MJ信义区造粉红圣诞树 梦幻节庆FU走过路过必打卡

▲ MJ pink Christmas tree is placed on the left and right sides of the gates of the breeze. (Photo / brand provided)

MJ’s fantasy pink Christmas tree is mainly pink and silver. The silver base read The Marc Jacobs, a big silver star on the top of the tree, and a metallic peach and silver The Marc Jacobs decorative ball hanging on the tree. Texture, festival, and net beauty in place.

▲ Near -shooting and long shots are super beautiful and super dreamy. Don’t forget to take a picture of Zhang Zhao for passing by! (Photo / brand provided)

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