Fan Weiqi Suyan celebrated his 43rd birthday, his face was pale face, what happened to the goddess?

Time does not wait for someone. Now one day is faster than a day, and even the childhood goddess Fan Weiqi has lived his 43rd birthday in the past few days.


It is worth mentioning that this time, she was in the photo to celebrate her birthday. Except for her face pale and haggard, there were still no other skin problems.

However, 43 years old can still have this skin condition. It is already very good. This time, her husband and her cute children were very warm.

Don’t look at Fan Weiqi 43. In fact, her private clothes are still very good. Wearing and makeup are very powerful, giving the humanistic and artistic revival visual effects.

Let’s take a look at Fan Weiqi’s dress style

NO1: Little Literary Young Man


The design of the lotus leaf sleeves has made the top a lot more colorful. One of the advantages of this sleeve is that although it looks like a sleeveless design, it can cover the unicorn arm well.


Let the upper body of the whole person look much lighter, and this sleeve will not look particularly exaggerated. As long as you carefully match, you can wear a small fresh feeling.

The same is true of the gray gauze skirt in the lower body. The design of the drag looks much light in terms of shape. This shape is generally age -reducing and fashionable. If you like this style, you can refer to this skirt.


NO2: pajamas style

Fan Weiqi’s two big dimples really gave her the face value, and she smiled sweetly. The style of pajamas is also well -received. Simple brown pajamas feels very home.

This kind of outing is also possible, it will not seem very obtrusive, and it is not like traditional pajamas. It is more practical to do dual use.


The gray set of styles should be more design, and the oblique shoulder style adds a bit of gentle femininity. Although the fabric is cotton, it is also very figure.

The pants on the lower body have a little tight effect, so this set of home uniforms look much better. Even a bit of meat will not be too disaster to wear.

Another style is all of them, and the tops and pants are relatively tight. It is not a tight -fitting design of warm underwear. The inner pine and outer design are more suitable for comfortable choices at home.


It will not look too sexy, but it is very design.

NO3: Little Master of the Gas Field

A light gray suit jacket with the same color tight -fitting coat. However, it may be related to Fan Weiqi’s temperament. Even if it is such a domineering shape, it still gives a gentle aura.


Different from other styles, it still looks a bit fierce. The title of literary youth looks like Fan Weiqi can’t take it off.


The black V -neck shirt is much more sexy, but in order to neutralize Fan Weiqi, Fan Weiqi chose a black A -line skirt to modify his figure, it looks like a lady.

Although Fan Weiqi is now in her forties, many of her shapes are still worthy of reference. For example, wearing coats must choose short inner tops and match a pair of non -contrast boots.


No matter how you wear it, you will not make an error, it is a versatile design. In private, Fan Weiqi must have studied these fashion matching, otherwise it will not become this fashionista today.

Now Fan Weiqi can be said to be the winner of life, handsome husband, cute son, happiness of marriage, etc. She already owns, so I think the beauty of happiness can be regarded as her only wish.

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