Master’s thesis research erotic underwear is ridiculed “not to do business”, the author hopes to win new eyes

Recently, on the Internet platforms such as Zhihu, Douban, Weibo, and many netizens, a master’s dissertation entitled “Research on Emotional Expressive Design of Character Characters in the Design of Fun Underwear Extension” is noisy. “Underwear” became the focus of discussion among netizens. Because of the words “Bunny Girl”, “Cat Girl”, “Christmas Girl”, “Mother Lolita”, many netizens felt uncomfortable and thought that the paper was “not in business.” Other netizens found that the academic value is not low in this paper. In addition to research on the underwear itself, it also studied cultural significance such as background.

“Research on Emotional expression of character characters in the design of sexy underwear extension”

On May 7, the reporter querying the paper from the art design field of the School of clothing of Dalian University of Technology through the database of love academic and other papers. The instructor was Professor Yu Zuojun, and the publishing time was June 2016. The thesis is divided into six chapters, which are the “introduction of theory”, “the development of Chinese and Western underwear development for women’s thoughts”, “the emotional expression of character characters in the design of sexy underwear”, “the innovative research of the character characters in the color of the bride” ” The innovative use of the character characters of the bride’s characters in the design of sexy underwear “and” conclusions “.


Regarding the significance of the topic of this paper, the author puts on the introduction part of the introduction: sexy underwear is a visual art product, which can stimulate people’s emotional needs and reflect personal taste. Interesting underwear is very common in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, but it has only been well known in China in recent years. It is foreseeable that with the improvement of domestic material levels, sexy underwear will be sought after by more and more people, and its market potential will be huge.

The author believes: “From the perspective of scientific theory, the theoretical inquiry and literature discussions related to sexy underwear are less, which belongs to a relatively unpopular field. There is still a large vacancy in the research in this field, and more people need to explore. It can be seen that the inquiry in the field of sexy underwear has extraordinary value. “

Combined with the current development status of the industry, the author proposes: “The development time of sexy underwear in China, the brand design field is immature, and more young designers need to study and develop. Although, the sexy underwear already has a certain degree of awareness in China. It also occupies a certain market share, but because this emerging industry is not yet mature and the restraint of traditional Chinese culture, the design of sexy underwear is more vulgar, resulting in a poor impression of the overall interest of the people. , But mostly small and medium -sized enterprises, small production scale and immature technology, so that the series of high -end sex clothing that is series, brand, high -quality, and trendy cannot form mainstream in the market. And the research of this project’s research on the development of sex underwear brands for the development of sexy underwear brands can be developed. Will supplement the blank of the industry. “

The reporter noticed that what caused the most controversy of netizens is the above papers “the emotional expression of character characters in sexy underwear design”, “innovative research on the character character of the bride character in the design of sexy underwear”, “the character character of the bride character in the innovative application of the sex underwear extension design “These parts.

For the “character character”, the author believes: “The erotic psychological expression of character characters in sexy underwear design, character abuse emotions in sexy underwear design, and interesting emotions in sexy underwear design. Under the three different emotions, explore the design of the characters and the characteristic of sexual sexy underwear. “

As an example, the author analyzed the role of “geisha, rabbit girl, concubine” and “stewardess, nurse, maid, police, queen, Gothic princess” and other characters on men’s erotic psychology. In the topic of “Bridal Character characters in sexy underwear” discussed in two chapters, the author mainly designed the sexy underwear style with corresponding elements through professional theories in the field of art design in this subject, and provided corresponding picture examples.

In the conclusion, the author believes: “By analyzing and induction of the full text, the awareness of innovation is reflected, and this research literature more comprehensively expresses the ideological connotation of women’s erotic lingerie. To a certain extent, it fills the gap in the research of the field of sexy underwear in the country. It provides a new idea of ​​the development of sexy underwear. “The author finally believes:” I have developed a deep perception in this field through long -term research. Interest underwear is not a vulgar product. It has its unique culture and charm. It It brings a dazzling light to people’s lives. However, because the country has little research on the field of interest underwear, more people need more people to work hard for this. My research will also be limited, but I will continue to study in depth research with enthusiasm. . I believe that with the change of the times, sexy underwear will eventually win people’s new eyes. “

Regarding the thesis mentor, public information shows that Yu Zuojun, female, professor, master’s tutor, was born in August 1970, graduated from the clothing design major in Xi’an University of Engineering University in July 1993. He graduated from design graduate class, visited scholar at Southampton University in 2012, and was appraised as a professor in September 2012. He also has the title of senior clothing designer and senior engineer. Member of the China Clothing Designer Association, member of the Costume Branch of the China Textile and Fashion Education Steering Committee, and director of the Dalian Clothing Designer Association.

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