A fashionable lapel jacket is the ultimate big move of the trendy man

I want to ask what the most sought -after clothing in the past few years. I first thought of a must -have lapel jacket for the tide. It was almost covered by it. The handsome and cool style is changeable, so it will be loved by everyone.

The lapel jacket has a little casual and light temperament, which is very suitable for the young Boy who pursue the trend. How can the lapel jacket match to wear a fan? In fact, the feeling and style of different matching are different.


Queen jacket+T -shirt

▲ The lapel jacket has its own young attributes, with a letter or printing T -shirt, full of youthful vitality, simple fashion atmosphere, and a pair of jeans. Those who want to formally choose leather shoes, leisure and daily chose small white shoes.

▲ Pure color T -shirt, especially white, is the most fresh and literary temperament, a tide -full lapel jacket, with simple solid color T -shirts, giving a warm, sunny, fresh feeling, which is very suitable for the student party and trend Young Boy can be paired with jeans or sports pants to make fresh literature to the end.


Queen jacket+shirt

▲ The shirt is more formal. With a lapel jacket, the formal sense of neutralizing the shirt, with casual pants and leather shoes, to create a commuting style of Tide Fan, you can wear it at work or daily.


▲ The shirt and the simple basic T -shirt are stacked, which is not only more layered, but also the fashion is soaring. With lapels, the shirt does not need to be tied to the buckle. It looks casual and natural, which is very suitable for weekend leisure.

Queen jacket+high -neck shirt

▲ The dark -colored turtlenecks are generally elegant and intellectual, and at the same time are masculine. In addition, a slightly young lapel jacket, easily wear a fashionable and tasteful male image. It does not seem rigid nor exaggerated.


▲ The appearance rate of the autumn and winter leather jackets is quite high. In the colder weather, it is still true to put on a turtleneck. In addition to keeping warmth, the most important thing is the versatile and fashionable. The jacket also has the same fan.


A lapel jacket will change with the change of matching, with different styles, so a fashionable lapel jacket is still very plastic, so that you have a freshness every day.


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