What does the symbol of the bottom of the stainless steel water cup mean? (one)

When you buy stainless steel water cups every day, you will notice that there will be a shield -shaped icon at the bottom of the water cup.

There will be a number of 304 or 316 in the icon. What does this picture and numbers mean?

Is it necessary to mark these icons inside the domestic quality inspection agency or international quality inspection requirements?

What does the digital marking inside the thermal insulation cup mean?

First of all, the editor explains the meaning of the shield -shaped icon 304 or 316. 304 indicates that the water cup is made of 304 in the stainless steel material. 316 indicates that the water cup is made of 316 stainless steel. About 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel editor have made detailed explanations in many previous articles. If you still have unclear friends, please read the previous article.

Secondly, the icon with a number of numbers with a number of numbers in the shield is required to be marked in China and the world. It is processed by stamping, so consumers do not have to believe that the other party has completely believed that the water cups that are labeled in the icon are indeed used.

Some friends pay attention to the previous statement of the editor, saying that the water cup that is stamped with the symbol only indicates that the inner bilots of the water cup use these materials. Why not say that the entire cup uses this material? As a member of a strict stainless steel cup production factory, Xiaobian is serious and responsible for explaining the professional ethics and truth -seeking attitude. Yes, if the icon is stammered at the bottom of the stainless steel, please first believe that the other party uses this material just to use this material. Why do you say this?

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