Continue to dream, Bai Cheng a lightning: Mengcao KOSE high silk snow muscle essence

LZ has been exposed to various reasons for two consecutive years. Sometimes it is because of work, sometimes because of traveling, and several times I have not been prepared. Even the most basic sunscreen has forgotten it. The result is very tragic. This is tragic. This is tragic. Two years have been dark. Following the SKII small bulb, some friends recommended the fierce snow muscle essence, which claims to apply a few times in a row to make a color number. Well, LZ is most afraid of this slogan without resistance. So I started preparing to start.

After examining a lot of posts, I found that everyone thought that Nissan Snow Muscle was better than the domestic version. The reason is that the alcohol components added by the domestic version are heavier, the alcoholic taste is strong, and the skin is more irritating. So everyone’s first choice is Nissan Snow Muscle Essence. This statement did not confirm it, and I didn’t intend to buy it from the domestic counter anyway. So it focused on several duty -free shops that were easier to get: Japan, South Korea and Japan. By the way, LZ does not engage in purchasing. Some people ask someone to send AMORE PACIFIC air cushion powder a while.

I passed by the day and asked BA to inform me that there was no snow muscle essence for the time being, so I gave up. Looking at Japan again, Narita has a good set, as shown in the figure:

Two bottles of 360ml snow water, add 20ml snow mysterious emulsion and 20ml gel, a total of 9500yen. Now the yen exchange rate is very low, equivalent to about ¥ 490, which is quite cost -effective. But the Japanese purchasing fees were so high. For a while, a friend went, and I forgot to tell her sadly.

Looking at South Korea, there is a heavy snow water. Lotte link:

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

Limited edition, 500ml big guy, ordinary member price is 363, which is more expensive than Japanese duty -free shops, but there is just a friend who goes to help back.

Look at the effect of official publicity: 2 -in -1 effect (whitening lotion+shrinking lotion)

Korean moisturizing whitening lotion based on weak acidity

Improve skin texture, dryness, pores, dullness, roughness

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

The coordination of pure alcohol improves refreshing and contraction effect



-Orchida beauty ingredients: barley wheat oil oil, vitamin E acetate

① Use with lotion mask

-The effect of Snow Muscle Consortium and Lotion can only be confirmed within one week (enhanced transparency)

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

-The water supply for the skin increases by 10 times

② Suitable to use general whitening lotion water

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

Take an appropriate amount in the morning and evening with a cotton pad to take an appropriate amount to pat the face.

The effect of “Snow Myopic Temperature and Lotion can only be confirmed within one week.” What does the idea of ​​the idea mean? Does anyone explain it? It means that the effect can be seen within a week, and that’s that way?

When I checked Gaosi, I saw the new version of the paper film:

Lotte membership price is $ 4, about ¥ 25, a total of 15 paper films. Note that this thing is a piece of paper for flowering water. At first glance, it was quite expensive, and I checked Taobao decisively and started from Taobao. Which store is not recommended, avoid suspicion, the basic price is ¥ 15 packs. Taobao search results (keywords: high silk paper film)

Well, the master appeared, bought it for about a month, and used it very positively. It was about half of the position of the snow type. It is estimated that it will be fresh again and again. Fortunately, the shelf life of this goods is 5 years. By 2019, it will definitely be used up.

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

Let’s stand there:

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

There is also one on the back:

500ml, heavyweight, feel like a large bottle of cola, you can drink it directly.

Talking about the effect, Nissan’s alcoholic taste is already very heavy. If the domestic counter is heavier, I can’t imagine it. The sensitive dry skin flashes, don’t touch this product. When I put it on for the first time, I felt slightly smoked, and my heart was uneasy. Fortunately, there is no allergies. After applying the essence and cream, I don’t feel dry. When it comes to whitening effects, there are indeed. Applying for three or four days in a row, it feels half of the color number, and the effect is not so obvious. After all, it is getting closer and closer to the normal skin color. However, it feels effective after being stopped for a few days. In general, it feels more obvious than the SKII small bulb, and it is a good whitening choice.

Looking at the paper film again, I think the paper film of Takashi has always been inconsistent with my face. Maybe there is a problem with the design, maybe LZ’s bones are clear

继续梦想,白成一道闪电:猛货 KOSE 高丝 雪肌精

Essence Anyway, I generally have to tear the paper film in half before it is easy to apply it, otherwise there will be a situation where the head is desperate and cannot fit. The specific use process will not be tracked. Put a picture with a post, and the cleanliness is cautious.

Wow, like the jade covered by archeology?

In fact, the new high -silk paper film is very user -friendly and gives a small box for a bubble film. For the sake of LZ, generally use spray such as Avene/Yiyun to moisturize the paper film a little, and then soak snow. Even so, every time I recommend the “three drops of the face” when I recommend snow muscle essence, I still can’t agree with it. There is no 10ml of each time. At least 10ml, how much three drops are three drops? Please, don’t write it like this next time, it is too mistaken.

And that’s all. OVER.

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