Ou Genfang Puff Skirt is more suitable for girls

The sleeveless design dress, imitation of the version of the doll shirt, the position of the skirt is very loose, relying on the fabric to form a puffy skirt version. The main fabric of the clothes group is European yarn, and it forms a double -layer version, which combined with the personalized printing pattern, showing charm.


The binding of the striped element and the complex print pattern are combined with the Ou Genfang dress, which is a double -layer design. The inner lining is a stripe, and the outer layer is a perspective printed skirt, which makes the overall dress look layered. At the same time, the fluffy version also plays a certain thin role.

The gray dress looks very textured. With the version of the European roots, it is very fashionable and three -dimensional, with a very personality, showing the fashionable aura of the wearer. Especially the design of the shoulders brings a dreamy effect, which can maintain a feminine breath.


Double -layer design skirts have a perspective effect in the outer layer, and the printing pattern is used to decorate, making the overall style sweet atmosphere stronger, and at the same time make the figure lighter and smart. In addition, the high -waisted design of the clothes can help the wearer highlight the slender legs.

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