What paintings are suitable for hanging on the living room wall? These auspicious flower and bird paintings are very popular

The more traditional, the more classic. With the revival of traditional culture, the Chinese style is becoming more and more popular. What paintings are good for home living room decoration? Choose a few Chinese painting works with Chinese charm, so do n’t really have a charm.

What kind of painting is good for the living room?


Chinese painting flower and bird painting


It is very suitable. The art of Chinese painting flowers and birds has been circulating for thousands of years. It is not only rich in themes, but also auspicious. It is hung in the living room, pleasing to the eye, but also adding auspicious good luck to the family. If you also like our traditional Chinese painting flower and bird art, then follow [

Jiya Zhai


] Let’s take a look at the wonderful use of flowers and birds painting decoration living room.

Recommendation of Flower and Bird Painting in the living room: Interest of everything

Zhang Lin Ruyi persimmon map “Everything Ruyi”

The persimmons are rich and round, shaped like Ruyi, and because of the homophonic “persimmons” and “things”, so it is used to imply “everything is good”; when the persimmons are cooked, it is popular as fire, and it symbolizes red fire fire. Hang a picture of Ruyi persimmons in the new home to add blessings.


Recommendation of Flower and Bird Painting of the living room: There are more than a year in succession

Wang Yirong’s lotus carp picture “There are more than year”

Who can do not love a living room with a fortune in the living room? Since ancient times, the nine fish map Feng Shui meaning is very beautiful. There is a carp jumping the dragon gate, which symbolizes the rising step by step. Being able to gather wealth, Jiuyu swims in water, and fortune is rolling. Teacher Wang Yirong’s brushwork paintings, with the Jiutu opera lotus to show the beautiful expectations of more than years, and beautiful Ruyi, appropriately painted the longing and blessings in people’s hearts. It is a auspicious feng shui hanging painting that you must not miss.

Living room Flower and Bird Painting Recommended 3: Rich Peony Map

Xuanli Minhua and Bird Painting “Rich and Ping An”


The peony flowers bloom, and the national color fragrance is the first choice for the Chinese flower in the hearts of the Chinese people. With the peony into the painting, the painter Xuan Limin gave the thick makeup, but it was unparalleled, occupying the beauty of spring, and showing the scenery of spring. Whether it is composition or coloring from the color, the work has unique features. Such a beautiful spring peony painting is placed in the living room, which makes people feel a unique humanistic beauty and auspicious beauty, creating a rich and happy life atmosphere.

Recommended Flower and Bird Painting of the living room: The wind of the gentleman

Xiao Honghui’s new bamboo painting “Gao Feng Liang Festival”

Bamboo, Xiu Yi has charm, chic and upright, clear and handsome, has a gentle gentleman, and the bamboo is hollow. The living room, as the name suggests, is the place where the host meets, is also the center of the whole room. Hanging such a bamboo painting in the living room can make the guests feel the active, decent, masculine, and gentleman’s demeanor of the owner. Essence

Recommended Five: Peony Jin Chicken Picture

Zhang Hongshan Peony Jin Chicken Picture “icing on the Cake”

In the traditional Chinese painting flower and bird art, the artists like to create a variety of poultry images of poultry to express their beautiful and auspicious meanings and blessings. In this flower and bird work of Mr. Zhang Hongshan, a pair of beautiful brocade fell in the peony flowers and became vivid and became a very beautiful embellishment. Family icing on the cake is getting better and better.


What paintings are good for the living room? A famous flower and bird painting can make the blank wall vivid and abundant, which becomes the finishing touch of the entire living room space. , Just to meet the people who know more about it. Do you like these flower and bird paintings suitable for the living room?

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