There is a blue -collar apartment in the South Third Ring Road, hiding a different life

Following the visit to Building No. 9 of Jiuxianqiao Lord Last week, a reporter from the Beijing News visited Anxuan · Leyu (Shilihe Second Store) to experience a different life of the blue -collar crowd to rent an apartment.

6-8 people have a room to have a sense of smoke, fire extinguisher and streaming device

Anxuan · Lesu (Shilihe Second Store) is located on the second and fourth floors of the office building of “Block B” marked “Baihui Plaza B”.

From the mouth of Shilihe Metro Station, it is about one kilometer away from Anxuan · Leyu (Shilihe Second Store), walking for about 10 minutes. Because the area is adjacent to the CBD of the country trade, the rent of the South Third Ring Road is relatively cheap. In the early days, some private apartments were tied here. There are many furniture, building materials markets, cultural and art centers, hotels and catering facilities. The formed alley alley is complicated and slightly chaotic.

Anxuan · Leyu is located on the side of the furniture avenue. It is marked with the second and fourth floors of the office building of “Block B” in Baihui Plaza. Disassembled and re -built walls. It only opened in May this year, and the current occupancy rate is about 80%. Recently, some corporate employees have moved in.

The project has several major areas of public areas, accommodation areas and front desks. Among them, there are 136 rooms on the second floor, with a total of 90 rooms on the fourth floor, and the total number of beds is more than 900. At present, the first floor is rectification. It is reported that it has been won by Anxuan and will be transformed into public areas such as Internet cafes, cafes, and employee dormitories in the future. The third floor was won by the egg shell.

The apartment door forbidden, the face recognition function was installed, and only the face recognition can enter. The signs of smoking were posted on the wall, and smoking was prohibited in the entire apartment. Entering the gate is the front desk service area and public areas, equipped with water dispensers, hair drying areas, reading areas, amusement areas, takeaway placement areas, announcement areas, etc.

In addition to installing more fire protection equipment than white -collar apartments, water dispensers are also installed, and direct drinking water is installed. Due to the use of high -power equipment such as hair dryers in the dormitory of Leyu, a hair dryer, mirror and other facilities are specially set up in the corridor.

It is worth noting that because there is no clothes drying area in the room alone, in another public area, a public clothes area and laundry room have been set up.

Inside the Anxuan · Le apartment, like standardized employee apartments, divided into 8 people, 6 people, and 4 people, for the upper and lower shops, with independent bathrooms, shower rooms, wardrobes, and bookcases. The white wall surface is equipped with log -colored furniture, and provides three -piece set of gray plaid bed supplies. It can be washed regularly every half a month, which can be used in the bag.

Anxin · Leyu (Shilihe Second Store) has 8 people, 6 people, and 4 people in the inside of the Shili River.

Different from the white -collar apartment, there are no more home equipment in the room of the blue -collar apartment. However, there are parts of the luggage and shoes under the bed. Each bed has bed curtains and is equipped with locking cabinets. It can store private items. The bedside is equipped with reading lights, and mobile phone charging sockets. There is a place to put a mobile phone. There is a table in the room, which can be used several chairs. However, for the sake of safety, the room has a sense of smoke, fire extinguisher, and a streaming limiter, which means that residents cannot use high -power electrical appliances such as fast, electric kettle, hair dryers, and hair dryers in the room.

The apartment provides 24 -hour service store manager, housekeeper, cleaning and room preservation safety

The difficulty in the operation of the blue -collar apartment lies in management, and safety is the first red line. According to Li Yuezhen, senior vice president of Anxuan Group, when Anyi cooperates with enterprises, there will be certain requirements. For example, in terms of cooperation agreements and security management rules and regulations, enterprises need to recognize and support their management methods.


Regarding the fire protection of the outside world, Li Yuezhen said that including the sense of smoke and spray, the Anxuan Group was strictly carried out in accordance with the hotel standards in accordance with the hotel standards. In addition, in terms of soft management, the operation management of the room is high.


“The biggest difference between white-collar apartments is that we have no concept of room ratio.” Li Yuezhen said that each project provides 24 hours of services for 6-8 staff members, including store managers, housekeepers, cleaning, security guards. Whether it is more than 100 rooms or more than 200 rooms, there may be only one housekeeper, while the manager is also a few stores. This means that the management of blue -collar apartments is more difficult and the team cost will be higher.

It is reported that Anxuan implemented a three -inspection system. The manager, the housekeeper, and the cleaning of different roles will be checked three times a day, and the room will be viewed as soon as possible. Whether there is an electronic product or a power bank in the bed. Once it is found, it is discovered. It will pull down the line to prevent related hidden dangers. The security guards work every night from 12 to 7 o’clock, patrolling in the corridor every hour. The corridor is equipped with a patrol instrument. Each hour of patrol needs to be punch in the patrol.

In fact, this is the most different place for blue -collar apartments and white -collar apartments and hotels. “White -collar workers and hotel business travelers have high demands for privacy. Once they settle in, they do not want to enter their rooms to check. It is impossible to go to three rounds, but we are targeted at business employees. Management needs, in addition, when residents go through the procedures, they also sign a separate safety management agreement with them. “Li Yuezhen said that before settlement, the Anxuan Group will first understand the nature of the residents, work and rest time, try to choose as much as possible, try to choose as much as possible to choose Go to the room when they go to work to avoid disturbing residents’ rest.

Strengthen value -added services to improve operational efficiency

Anxuan · Leyu (Shilihe Second Store) provides value -added services to increase customer stickiness.

It is unquestionable that the positioning of low -end blue -collar apartments in the middle of the low -end effects can effectively solve the problems of rented houses and expensive housing for blue -collar workers, and make the living environment of the blue -collar workers change from survival to life.

One of the major features of the blue -collar apartment is that the buyer does not live, and the person who lives does not buy it. The company is the buyer of the apartment service. Therefore, the apartment is a contract with the enterprise, usually more than a year. In terms of specific charges, the room is slightly different from the room. The average price of the first -tier cities is about 950 yuan, at least one three -bet.

It is worth noting that the rent has ceilings. How to improve the operation capacity is a major problem that is generally facing blue -collar apartments. In this regard, Li Yuezhen pointed out that in addition to improving the service level and increasing the design of products in terms of humanization and comfort, An Yan also provided value -added services to improve operating efficiency and sales performance. For example, providing enterprises with value -added services such as recruitment, corporate culture, and daily market activities; for residents, they provide relevant resources in daily social and needs, so that they will not feel particularly lonely in large cities.


“These are not services to increase the rental price, but free value -added services. The purpose is to increase customer stickiness. Because only the renewal rate is high, we do not need to change customers. Methods of efficiency and sales performance. “Li Yuezhen emphasized that these value -added and interactive services will not increase too much cost, but to provide services to enterprises and residents by integrating resources.

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