The production workshop can be done with a large dust, high -power vacuum cleaner

Schong high -power industrial vacuum cleaner

The smelting production workshop will produce a large amount of environmental pollution during the production process. The most important of which are gas dust. Once the human body inhale these harmful gas dust for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the body. Severe serious diseases will cause severe diseases!

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At the same time, smoke and dust pollution will also harm the quality of the product, so it is necessary to match a Skin industrial vacuum cleaner. There are two types of industrial vacuum cleaners commonly used in metallurgical industry production.

Schong’s large -power industrial vacuum cleaners have various choices, and the gaps are clean

The industrial vacuum cleaners used in metallurgical companies mainly include 380V high -power industrial vacuum cleaners and pulse anti -blowing industrial vacuum cleaners.

Schonglon pulse anti -blowing industrial vacuum cleaner

It is mainly used to remove a large amount of dust, dust, iron chips, etc. The principle is to directly drop the larger particles to the bottom of the barrel through the cyclone filtering method inside the machine. The artificial oscillating dust rod shakes the dust on the filter element to the bottom of the barrel.

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In addition, the pulse anti -blowing industrial vacuum cleaner is used to use compressed air to reverse the dust on the filter element. By reducing the air reversely, the dust is reduced to the bottom of the barrel. The effect is very good, and there is no need to clean the dust on the filter element.

Schon Power Industrial Vacuum Machinery Various choices

So, what about the price of 380V industrial vacuum cleaners and pulse anti -blowing industrial vacuum cleaners? The price of pulse vacuum cleaners is much more expensive than ordinary industrial vacuum cleaners, but its use effect is very good. Which industrial vacuum cleaner is selected, it depends on the needs of each factory.

Schon Power Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Clean

Choosing a brand Skin industrial vacuum cleaner has very rich production experience in the field of industrial cleaning. With independent research and development and after -sales teams, it can solve various problems encountered in the industrial cleaning field!

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