Isn’t there a super -fired jelly bag yet? What are your eye -catching in summer?

Have you heard of jelly bag? New materials and new crafts are as tempting as candy. Milk white, shellfish, and treasure blue are all very popular colors; styles can be carried, or lively or gorgeous; such handbags with sweet colors are rich and feminine Essence

Whether going shopping or going to the beach for vacation, a transparent jelly bag is definitely your good helper. The breathable material brings you the most visually visual sense, and the light texture of jelly can automatically cool down the hot summer. The temperature rises every day. In addition to wearing less, a “transparent jelly bag” is also a good idea.


The Japanese Harajuku is sweet and transparent and loves bags. It is stylish and cute. It is full of girls’ hearts. It adopts laser production process and is colorful and dazzling.


It brings a refreshing smell to summer. The street tide is beautiful as this translucent BAG. It is transparent and splashes of water. Whether it is dating or vacation to the sea on a weekdays, it can be beautiful.

Cute and transparent jelly bag, with classic diamond design, casual fashion, simple and generous shape, is your summer versatile artifact.


A fashionable transparent handbag, which makes people feel shiny, adopts a three -dimensional alphabet relief design, youthful and bold personality and stylish, full of jealousy and keeping a calm, which can help you easily and concave shape.

A chain small square bag, a super -fashionable metal handicapped ring, allows the bag to go to the whole grade as a whole. There is a sense of atmosphere. At first glance, it takes the temperament route.


Fashion chain beach transparent jelly bag, atmospheric hardware accessories, a small bag inside the bag, which is equivalent to childbags, favorite dear


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