What is the safest and high -quality C -Class lock core top ten brands recommendation

What is the safest and high -quality C -Class lock core top ten brands recommendation

The key to locking is unsafe, whether it is the super -fire smart lock in recent years, or the traditional mechanical lock, no matter how their functions change, but the core function is the same as the anti -theft, and the anti -theft performance affects the anti -theft performance. The core component is the lock core. According to the security level of the relevant certification core of the Ministry of Public Security, there are generally B, ultra -B, C -level, etc. The current highest level is C or Super Class. Today I recommend the mainstream brands of the current market.

1. Guli Guli

Established in 1992 and joined the Swedish Yasahele Group in 2001, companies that specialize in design/manufacturing and detection systems and window control products are the company. , New Zealand Standards, National standards and public security anti -theft standards, as well as companies in the US UL fire prevention standards and Chinese fire prevention standards designing, manufacturing and testing.

2. u u yuema

Professional research and development of hardware lock products, specialized hardware products manufacturers integrating lock/safe/engineering hardware and other products.

Three, golden point atoms

Founded in 2001, it integrates research/development/production/sales/security. It is engaged in manufacturing enterprises with high safety locks/anti -theft doors/safe and electronic anti -theft equipment. For more than ten years, the company has lived up to expectations. It has been in the revolution of three times and has been upgraded by 3 times locking cores.

Fourth, Midea Insurance Meilibao

The well -known brand of anti -theft door lock cores focuses on the field of anti -theft lock core and integrates professional lock/lock core manufacturing enterprises that integrate R & D/production/sales.

5. Baodean Baodean

The “Paudan” brand anti -theft lock brand was established in the late 1980s. It is an enterprise specializing in the production of mechanical anti -theft door locks/fire door locks/luxury door locks and fingerprint locks. Its anti -theft lock products have complete size and specifications It can be seamlessly matched with the majority of anti -theft doors on the market.

6. Wang Li Langye

Founded in 1996, Wangli Group, a company, integrates locks research and development, manufacturing, sales, and serving one.

7. Mul-T-Lock Model Emperor Le

It derived from the brand of Israel in 1973, the brand of Yasahela Group, mainly focused on various types of anti -theft locks/lock core/safe/anti -theft door products, specializing in companies that are engaged in retail/wholesale/commerce and OEM production. Regional business.

Eight, Jiawei jiawei

Top ten brands of anti -theft door lock core, well -known brands in the lock industry, and Yasahella, are committed to the research and development, production and sales of various mechanical anti -theft locks/high -end electronic door locks/intelligent opening solutions systems.

Nine, Manshen Mansion

The company’s operating team was founded in 2006. After several years of development, it has formed strategic cooperation with brand companies such as Panpan Group and Meixin Group. So far, millions of Manshen high security locks enter millions of households every year.

Ten, Zhongheng Zohen

Beginning in 1992, a technology -based enterprise specializing in the R & D design/production/sales of automatic locks, mechanical locks, and smart locks. Its lock core automatic anti -theft lock enjoys a reputation in the industry

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