“Black” badminton racket, do you understand a few? (one)

I feel this paragraph:

Can you receive the old eight and old? Is it easy to collapse? Is the Liang Chaowei version of the Edition heavier than the original, harder? Is there a sugar water shot similar to a fracture, a microwave oven? Will the watermelon knife and the demon knife will not be a burning fire? Will you bite your teeth? Is it crispy shark? Going to Hong Kong to buy shooting now I don’t know if there is any special offer?

As long as your spheres are not long enough, the big probability will feel that every word knows, but even the same book.

Because these are blackbacks of the badminton circle.

It is said that many of the high-level ways of self-advertising in the industry are to start with black. The most famous is the Internet, so there is only 100,000 hot text “Internet Black” Guide. Because the circles who don’t like to say people are getting closer and closer to us, they have some people who can’t see it, and they have done a “human language translators”.

But from the other side, Blackback is also an effective means of shaping internal culture, which can enhance people’s group identity in an instant. Hipster likes to make black words, but also because they are conducive to their people’s eyes and ears, pass hidden information in the manner’s way.

I wrote a “Hong Kong purchase Raiders” in 2008. I visited almost all famous racket stores in Hong Kong. I didn’t know any of the store owners, and even Cantonese also said that it was unfavorable, but I still have a trust of the owner, let them open the words, this is also the use of black words. . Later, I looked at Mr. Sanli, Mr. Master Ma Sanli. He left Tianjin to Jinan to sell art, and he didn’t know. When I saw this paragraph, I was like the one who just went to Hong Kong to find out that I was discredited.

For goods, there is a foreign number in the black-talk system, and it is often a symbol of “explosion”. Typical such as cosmetics industry, YSL’s “男 色”, Lancome “small black bottle”, SKII’s “fairy water”, etc., the racket industry is actually safe.

Now, let’s repay the short-selling origin, then invent the blackback of the badminton circle, the name, the name, the name, the outer number, the hidden language, the jet, and then these translations into people.

Badminton black, origin

In the Spring Festival Evening, Feng Gong has repeatedly used the netwitch to shake and repeatedly used the network. It is intended to make the gesture of the young audience, but the senior netizens will not buy it, I feel that he plays a job again.

There are some websites that have some websites that are distributed, and the badminton blackback also exists.

I just started playing in about twenty years ago, when I studied the equipment, I could only go to China, blue sky, new blue sky and beats to learn from these website forums. The beat belly because the webmaster is a total burning (note), in addition to the badminton hipster, or the literary master of the words. Under his influence, a large group of badminton’s hand has a large number of black words, although the racket model is discontinued for many years, but it still retains influence, such as “seven, eight, nine”, “old ten”, “old Seventh “and” Sugar Take “.

In 2007, when I started writing a column, the forum of the three websites mentioned above, the impact of increasing network supervision, popularization. At this time, some website forums abroad began to fill this gap. During this period, the “Clear Valley” website founded in Japan’s hipster “chest” website is known. Google often translates and releases the latest first-hand badminton information in Japan, attracting many old guns on both sides of the country to focus on this place.

After 2013, because of the rise of WeChat, becoming “Internet”, driving a new media industry, and obtaining the channel to get diversified. Whether it is three websites or later wicked valley, it is already a 1.0-PC interconnected product, and after 2.0-mobile interconnection began to spread, it has also begun to become a niche. At this time, the oligarchy of the badminton theme interactive website – Zhong Yu is online, becoming a new black voice center.

(After the article, there are websites of these websites, interested readers can be reviewed, mostly online, but some have no access, where you have left youth footprints, I have nowhere to look for.)

(The picture is provided by the author)

Badminton black, entry version

Black: big brother, second brother-in-law


The opening does not mention the second sister, playing with the racket.

Zf’s homophonic infarction, the original color of the big brother was listed in April 2012, and the London Olympics after 3 months, Li Zongwei took the LTD limited version of the purple big sister to fight. Since then, there is a saying that Li Zongwei did not have used other rackets after the big sister, in the future, no matter where the racket is two sisters or duora10, it is a big sister’s painting. I only partially agree that there are a few games, such as the 2016 Malaysia Super Competition and Asia Championship, Li Zongwei used the racket such as D10, painted the big sister, this is almost the secret of the player, but not It will be all-eyed, all of them are all. It can only be explained that the Olympic cycle of the year, Li Zongwei likes to use this model.

Second Secretary, on February 14, 2014, in Japan, in Japan, has become a burst of explosion. In those years, the two big kings – Gemini Xinglin Dan and Li Zongwei bring the goods at the same time, this aggregated single point is extremely rare, but also let the second sister derived from eight different color versions, which are primary color. , LCW powder, LD white / red / yellow, CH blue, TH president limited edition and Japanese BP, supreme the influence. Said that it is the best offensive shoot in the world, and there will be no opinions. This also makes some WeChat groups to start a popular sentence, such as “Don’t ask, ask the second sister”, “choose the second sister”. This is the same as the previous “Don’t ask, ask the BG80”, “no line does not decrease BG80”, although it is simple and rude, it is easy to mislead new hands, but from one side, these models have been deeply rooted, and they have a monument.


Black: old tofu


This is a positioning and design that is difficult to escape the second sister and AT700 shadow, listed in 2016, tailored to the Olympics of Lin Dan. It is said that Lin Dan entered the four of the Olympic Games, suddenly this model was broken, because the big and small hips were locked, I wanted to fight Lin Dan to create the I Olympic Games, and then she took the opportunity to speculate a high price. This wave of operation is not strange. As early as 2008 Lin Dan won the Beijing Olympic gold medal, the AT700 in his hand immediately doubled, and it was hard to find a shot. Of course, this beautiful wish will eventually fall until the old bean curd is discontinued, and this shot is not sold like the AT700. Also because many people can’t do or feel uncomfortable, etc., frequently engage in special events. However, this year Lin Dan retired, it really drove the price increase of second sister husband Dan and LDF. Since then, there is no super Dan in the world, and the old tofu is separated.

Compared with the second sister, the old tofu retains the positioning of the branching necktail design and heavy offensive shooting, and has revised a lot of content, such as shortening the cigarette, changing the shooting frame and the modified middle pole. These operations make old tofu in addition to the shadow of the second sister, and people have to think of the AT700 of Lin Dan at the Beijing Olympics. The golden appearance symbolizes the two gold medals of Danshen, the special status of three gold medals, but has also been spit “farmers”. Some people who have studies have studied, and the racket uses golden such over-saturated tones to easily turn into the car, and the customary is like an outbreak. The latter two new colors – black and red are listed, and everyone feels that the taste of Dan is finally restored “normal”.

Liang Chaowei


Dome: YOENX is the LCW version designed by Li Zongwei

The high end of this racket includes AT900PLCW, VTZF2LCW, Duora10LCW, AX99LCW, etc., the medium and low ends have the feeling of Li Zongwei’s concept of drunk brand, no longer column specific model.

In the badminton circle, mention a name of the movie star with badminton, this is not good to speak, but this is not a way to quickly identify the other party with you in the same circle, right?

The problem mentioned in the beginning of the article is not more important than the normal version, harder? I tell you the answer from the perspective of heavy position (weight, balance, waving), mostly, but there are some uncertain.

AT900PLCW, VTZF2LCW These two models are confirmed than heavier than the original, and whether it is hard to determine. In the case of 3U, the former waves about 92, the latter is about 94, which is really the biggest weight value of the test.

Duora10LCW, AX99LCW can not determine if it is more harder than the original version, can only be said that LCW has a hard trend.

As for the LCW and LD two series, which is more advanced? I think it is the latter, because the LCW is a sub-model that extends on the basis of the AT900P, Duora10, VTZFII AX99, is a derivative. The LDF in the LD is a completely independent model, and it is not a slightly higher level in the status at any original model. LCW until Li Zongwei retired, there is no racket model like AX-LCW-ZZ.


Some websites mentioned in the article introduce:

1, Zhong Yu net www.chinabadminton.com, is created by the mountains, Yuanshan and others in Guangzhou, no access

2, blue sky www.bbeshop.com, created by Rospo, etc.

3, new blue sky www.bbesport.com, created by three water in Foshan

4, taking the child www.vclub.org, is created by Guangzhou burning, no access

5, the wicked valley www.at700.com, the Shandong “Chest” created by Shandong people studying in Japan

6, Zhong Yu online www.badmintoncn.com, created by Fuzhou Savage and others



The burning, the net name 50mmf2, formerly known as Lu Desheng, Guangzhou beat shop and website founder, this journal has reported in the article “Talking to the classic elderly racket” in February 2012.


1, “Inventory Li Zongwei used the racket, this may be the most comprehensive history! “


2, “How to sell luxury goods in China”

3, “Teasing you have not discussed: 相 声 界 闻”


4, “Cross-the theory of art”

5, the role of the rivers and lakes

(The picture is provided by the author)

(The picture is provided by the author)

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