Wind blocking the cold and keeping warmth, the work of the work of the wind and the hair collar down jacket, afraid of cold girls in winter, a must -have in winter

The cold winter is coming. Although in the gentle days of wind and sun, the coat is the most popular with girls, but in the days of snow and snow, the existence of the big hair collar hooded down jacket is still indispensable. Fashionable gorgeous wool collar embellishment, comfortable and loose silhouette, do not pick your body, ensure your warmth, make you warm in warmth, fashionable and full of tide.

The Korean version of the style is a small down jacket, the warm fashion down jacket can help you travel in the winter, not afraid of the cold storm, warm the winter, the big foxual fox hair collar design, warm and comfortable design, warm and comfortable design, warm and comfortable At the same time, add temperament. Comfortable straight tube loose silhouettes, fashionable solid colors, personality of personality with belt lace, strong details, more age reduction and fashionable. It also highlights the casual and uninhibited personality, allowing you to easily play on the streets of autumn and winter.

The fluffy and warm work style is thin down jacket, and the high -quality white duck velvet fabric is selected. It has strong cold protection and cares for your warmth of winter. True tunnel hair design, dense and fluffy hair, both beautiful and foreign, more facial, and removable design, which is convenient for creating different dressing shapes, especially the outline of the tide of the season. Do not pick your body, casual concave shape, allowing you to easily create a handsome and casual street fan.


The high -quality white duck velvet is filled with large and large down, super fluffy, super locking. This charging volume is enough to make the fairies warm the winter. They are in hand in the north, and they go away. The friends in the south are even more appropriate. Pa Kefeng’s inner end, easy to adapt to the alternation season of autumn and winter and spring, in hand, easily solve the embarrassment of the season change!

This down jacket is filled with high -quality white duck down, and the thick windproof effect is very good. The warmth effect is very good. The big wool collar design is very design. It is very temperamental. The thin H version design, let you not be a bloated beauty, the medium and long down to warm your heart ~

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Red Flower Nianhua, the old down jacket, the long -lasting slim down jacket, the small lady, the small thick outer jacket girl

¥ 399



The hooded design of the big hair collar with temperament sets off the exquisite small face vision. It is warm and full of the charm of the little woman. It is stylish and stylish. Comfortable anti -diamond velvet fabrics, prevent running, 75%velvet white duck down content, feathers are fluffy and thick and warm, so that you can also travel lightly in winter, beautiful!



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