Don’t always wear short vests when you are in autumn, try the elegant and stylish vests, wear the right and supernatural field

The vest, as a very popular clothing item in autumn, is also divided into length.

Many people often use short vests to match when choosing vests

Because short vests are very fashionable for them.

But if you want

Show your elegance or make your image more advanced,

It is still recommended that you use long vests to match, because the temperament and charm shown by the long vest cannot be compared with short vests.

Long vest not only elegant temperament,

At the same time, it will give people a very elegant feeling

While showing fashion charm, you can also use some of the long vests to make your image more fashionable.

Then take a look at what choices and matches can be made in the long vest.

Do n’t always wear short vests when you are autumn. Try the elegant and stylish vests, wear the right aura, and who says that the long vest is not good -looking? Try these styles, which is particularly fashionable to match.

Type selection of long vest


First of all, you can choose according to some types of long vests,


For example, you can choose a windbreaker vest,

The windbreaker vest combines the different characteristics of the windbreaker and vest, so that the temperament of women in the elegance is not capable of being capable.


So this is why the windbreaker vest is very popular in autumn,


When choosing a windbreaker vest, it is recommended that you use light -colored windbreaker vests to match yourself, such as khaki, light gray, etc., are very good choices.

Suite vest

In order to make the shape look more aura,

It is also very common to match yourself with a suit vest


The suit vest combines the capacity of the suit, so it will make the image of women more capable.

There are also many styles of suit vests. When choosing,

It is recommended to choose a solid -colored suit vest

If you want to add a print pattern on a suit vest, try to use dark flower patterns to match.

Vest skirt

Long vest can also be combined with a dress to form a vest -style dress,

The elegance of the vest dress is very strong,

And for mature women, using vest dresses to match themselves, it also makes her charm better.

V vels of the vest dresses to choose khaki or coffee colors,

This color will make the image of women more simple. Add a dark belt to the waist, such as the left belt, which is a good choice. The color matching is also a very common color matching in autumn.

Long vest fabric selection


If the long vest is selected according to the fabric,


There are also many fabric materials to choose from,

This common one is the material of the skin, and the long vest of the leather surface will also give people a sense of retro.

When choosing a red leather vest,

It is recommended to choose dark or bright colors,

For example, bright red, plum color, and black are very good choices. The concept of this color, long vests will make women’s shape more retro, and also feminine.


Rough vest


In order to look more noble,

It is recommended that you choose the long vest,

To match yourself with rough vests, you can show a high sense of high -level. The thick material is a material fabric with a lady style.


Want to wear the thick vest characteristics,

So it is recommended to add checkered elements to modify above

Every time you have the British law, and at the same time, you will teach women’s figure, and the line modification will be smoother.

The choice of long vest

Long vest+T -shirt


Many of the long vests also need everyone to consider,

Because even if the long vest the long vest is very fashionable

, But if the effect is not very good, the overall shape will be greatly reduced to the image.

If you really don’t know how the long vest should be matched, then choose a universal match formula,

That is to match with a T -shirt,

The long vest with a white T -shirt can make your temperament more fashionable.

Long vest+high -neck shirt

Of course, a woman with mature temperament wants to improve her elegance,

Long vest is suitable for high -neck shirts to match

Whether it is a high -necked bottom shirt or a high -necked sweater, it can be paired with the long vest.

High -neck design,

The neck line can also be blocked to a certain extent

It is very friendly for women who are not perfect. At the same time, turtleneck shirts will also make women’s temperament more gentle and intellectual.

Long vest+shirt

If you can enhance the charm of intellectual, in addition to being matched with high -necked shirts, long vests

The matching with the shirt is also very good,

Choosing a simple white antipyretic can easily create an intellectual charm.

Red shirts are suitable for many styles of long vests,

For example, the grid vest is very good

If your body curve is also better, you can also have a waist with a waist to bring a waist for waist.

In fact, many of the long vests are still very special, so when you choose long vests, you must pay attention to the above points, so that the fashion charm of the long vest can be integrated.

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