Andy Lau can’t save this “big name”! It was once A -share shoe king, and now there is a huge loss of more than 2 billion yuan

Do you still remember the domestic sports brand of noble birds?

Once there was 5,000 stores, the market value was as high as 40 billion yuan. Today, it owed 16.3 billion in debt. The boss fell from the richest man in the past to the “first negative”, and the company was on the verge of delisting and bankruptcy.


Not long ago, noble birds issued an announcement: will soon recruit, select and reorganize investors.

This means that if the reorganization fails, no one will take over, the noble bird can only declare bankruptcy and delighten the market from A shares!

I did not expect that the former household named A -share shoe king would fall to this point.


A -share shoes king with a market value of 40 billion yuan

In fact, the brand of noble birds, like peers Anta and Tub, are born in Jinjiang, Chinese shoes.

The person who founded the noble bird was called Lin Tianfu.

Before the founding of the noble bird, Lin Tianfu used his own Hong Kong merchants to operate sports shoes in Fujian, including production wholesale, processing OEM, and export trade.


With the help of this model of branding such as Nike and Adidas, Lin Tianfu also accumulated his first bucket of gold.

However, the business of the big -name OEM is mainly based on the volume. The profits are actually very meager, and the power of killing is basically not in their own hands. Therefore, in order to develop in the long run, Lin Tianfu launched his own shoe brand in 2002 with his accumulated experience, channels, and connections in 2002, that is, noble bird.

Do you know how the noble bird develops and grows?

Mainly depend on these two killers!

The first is to smash money marketing.

In order to play the brand of noble birds as soon as possible, the early noble birds invited Liu Dehua, one of the four heavenly kings with huge sums of money. He also found the hot stars such as Cecilia Cheung and Lin Zhiling to endorse. As well as this, noble birds quickly won a certain reputation in a short period of time.


And those who really make the birds in the night become popular in 2005. In order to show that he was a professional sports brand, noble birds once again spent a lot of money to become the sponsors of the “Dream Seven” of the year, and they became famous for a while.

With the advent of the 2008 Olympic Games, the people ’s movement was enthusiastic, and noble birds took the opportunity to run off the ground, expanding large -scale, and the number of stores once increased to 5067. It is said that the most crazy time, noble birds can open three stores within a day.

The second is invincible cost performance.

People living in third- and fourth-tier cities or fifth-tier cities all year round should be deeply touched. Compared with hundreds or even thousands of prices, the price of noble bird shoes is between 100-200 yuan. The yuan is not available. What is even more touching is that the quality of noble birds is surprisingly good, buying a pair can be worn for several years.

Therefore, it was precisely because of the high cost -effective existence that the noble birds at the time captured the hearts of countless young people.

Because of these two killers, the development of noble birds is thousands of miles a day. In 2012, the revenue of noble birds reached 2.65 billion, a 4 times increased in just 3 years.

Finally, the noble bird successfully logged in to the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2014, becoming the “first share of the A -share sports brand”. At the same time, in 15 years, the stock price soared to more than 40 billion yuan, far exceeding Li Ning and Tuba, which became a well -deserved “shoe king”.


Why can’t the bird birds not work?

However, just like you have been in a roller coaster, before you have time to appreciate the beauty of the window, it has left quickly.

Noble birds open a store in China, which does help it get a lot of benefits in a short period of time. However, everything has two sides. Because of the blind expansion of noble birds, the overcapacity of the industry has quietly formed, and its inventory pressure is larger year by year.

Coupled with the annual high advertising costs and labor cost expenses, the capital chain of noble birds began to be stretched.


In order to help companies over the crisis, Lin Tianfu finally shot!

In 2015, noble birds scolded huge sums of money to invest in Tiger, becoming its second largest shareholder, and set up a 2 billion yuan sports industry fund with Tiger Flutter to invest in multiple sports industries.


Since then, noble birds have invested in the Spanish football brokerage company, involving the field of sports brokerage. In addition, noble birds have tried to enter the industries in the fields of sports games, sports insurance and fitness. In general, as long as they are linked to the sports industry, noble birds will insert a foot.

But everyone should also understand the truth, East Hammer, West Yizhi Mo, in the end, it will only be a bamboo basket in the water.

Unexpectedly, there are no improvements in these areas of noble birds. On the contrary, the billions of old -fashioned old books made in the previous years also splurked.

But more importantly, the noble bird once lost himself when he was in high light, and missed multiple air outlets such as consumption upgrades and e -commerce.

For example, when all brands of wind and fire layout online e -commerce channels, noble birds are not moved, and they are still on the offline store channels. If you have to do e -commerce, you buy a sports e -commerce company, such as the famous shoe library acquired in 2016.

For the time being, we do n’t talk about whether the e -commerce in the time of 2016 is too late. On the online e -commerce platform, the famous shoe library compares the Taobao, Tmall,, which lives hundreds of millions of daily life? I think it may not be comparable to the Pinduoduo and Vipshop at the time, let alone the front poles of the e -commerce community.

Therefore, compared to the booming of Li Ning, Anta, and Tubu, noble birds quickly ushered in a destruction decline.

Since 2016, the profit of noble birds has fallen for three consecutive years, and the losses in 2018 have reached 686 million! The market value of noble birds is now only 1.7 billion, not even the zero of that year!

At the same time, due to the problem of the capital chain, began in 2017, and noble birds ushered in the tide of closing shops. By the end of 2020, noble birds had less than 1,700 stores, a decrease of 60 % compared to the peak period!

Lin Tianfu, who once had a net worth of 19 billion, is now 3.42 billion in debt, and has received many high -level orders from the court.

Therefore, I have to sigh that the “A -share shoe king” of that year was like the past clouds and smoke, and no longer existed.


The commercial inspiration of noble birds from prosperity to decline


From the perspective of the development of noble birds from prosperity to decline, we can get some commercial inspiration from it.

On the one hand, we must keep up with the trend, dare to try, and get out of the comfort zone.

In the era of e -commerce, everyone was squeezing into the wind, but noble birds have always guarded their own acres of three points. To be honest, this is actually an inertia.

Why do you say that? Because its offline physical stores had been making money at that time, wouldn’t it not be able to do it if they rashly layout the online e -commerce channel? Will you lose money? Therefore, in its eyes, there are too many uncertainty. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, noble birds did not formally deploy e -commerce until 2016.

However, who is a successful person, which one is not dare to do, dare to take the first step before turning over? At that time, Ma Yunligang founded Alipay, and Liu Qiang Dongli set up JD Logistics. Huang Yan killed the e -commerce track and founded Pinduoduo. Isn’t it that he dared to do what others dare not do?

On the other hand, if you want to succeed, you have to do everything.

In my opinion, the practice of noble birds facing crisis and layout in multiple fields is essentially right. However, the wrong network is too big!

The games, insurance, and fitness are involved in each, but which one is proficient? Just like ourselves, everyone’s energy is limited. If we disperse their energy to multiple things, it will cause low efficiency and lose money. The same is true for noble birds.

Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must invest your limited energy into limited things. This is the most efficient and effective method.

I have to say that entrepreneurship is difficult, and it is difficult to keep industry. The domestic brand of noble birds can be recasting glorious in the future, depending on its own creation!

Original: e -commerce think tank

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