From scientific researchers to “Internet celebrities”, he devoted all his energy to science popularization.

Is it easy for science to be popular from scientific researchers to “net celebrities”? Yuan Lanfeng said he has been working hard

There should be a bridge to science in “Traffic World”

Our reporter Gong Ping Chen Zuyi

“How long do you spend on the Internet every day?” When he heard this problem, Yuan Lanfeng grabbed his sparse hair and gave the answer: “Almost all time.” After thinking about it, he added: ” In an interview, that is to surf the Internet. “

It’s hard to imagine that this answer comes from a scientific researcher. Yuan Lanfeng is an associate researcher at the National Laboratory of Hefei Micro -scale Material Sciences of the University of Science and Technology of China. From the perspective of appearance, Yuan Lanfeng is in line with people’s imagination of some scientific researchers. When I was interviewed by reporters at home, Yuan Lanfeng wore a pair of pajamas, and her hair was as chaotic as ever. of.

However, Yuan Lanfeng’s study room exposed his other side. The tripods stacked on the balcony are for the convenience of the video team’s interviews and shooting; there are a lot of historical, social sciences and natural science books on the bookshelf. The video background he often appeared; another video background for the choice is the “Honor Wall”. In addition to the Chinese Science and Technology Association and other institutions, there are many platforms from Weibo, watermelon videos, and various honorary titles. It is a praise of his fan volume and network influence -this study is also a workshop for his special decoration to shoot popular science videos.

Another identity of Yuan Lanfeng is the so -called “Internet celebrity”. To be precise, he is a well -known online scientific communication worker. As of now, he has been close to 10 million fans on the entire network. Last year, he posted 110 long videos and 377 short videos on the Internet. On average, at least one short video was released every day. In 2021, his popular science monograph “Quantum Information Brief” was officially published and published by the Chinese University of Science and Technology Press. It has been printed 3 times in less than a year. Print 5,000 books. Similar professional academic books can rarely sell 1,000 books. Such printing numbers are very rare.

There is another point of view on the Internet for Yuan Lanfeng. Some people think that he is neither scientific researcher participating in quantum science experiments, nor does it work for these main quantum technology enterprises. As a scientific researcher, he is keen on science. If you have the growth experience of his genius -after two years of studying in elementary and first primary schools, he entered the Department of Chemical Physics at the University of Science and Technology of China at the age of 14, and obtained a PhD in chemistry at the age of 23. Many people will inevitably sigh “injury to Zhongyong”.

From scientific researchers to Internet celebrities, what did Yuan Lanfeng go through? Why do you make such a choice?

From scientific research to science

At the end of last year, Yuan Lanfeng moved into a new home in Hefei High -tech Zone. Along the subway, there are Quantum Science Center Station and HKUST Research Station near his home. The propaganda sign of the roadside bus station is also showing the “ambitions” of this area: surrounding quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum precision measurement and other fields, and actively create a source of quantum innovation technology. The back door of his community is close to Yunfei Road. There is another name in this road -Quantum Avenue, because on this road, more than 20 master such as Guo Shield Quantum, Guoyi Quantum, Original Quantum, and Quantum of Creation is more than 20 main owners. Camp quantum technology and related enterprises. It takes about an hour to drive a journey from the East of the Chinese University of Science and Technology of China, but the “quantum information” that he has been paying attention to for a long time is close at hand.

Last semester, Yuan Lanfeng’s lessons in school were not many. The most consumed place for him was Weibo, Zhihu, Douyin, Watermelon Video, Today’s Toutiao and other network platforms. Today, Yuan Lanfeng has a long -term cooperative video team, including five or six people including director, camera, business, etc. The basic process of work is that Yuan Lanfeng saw a scientific and technological news. When you record it, check the information, ask the experts, write a good research, and send it on the personal social platform. After a period of time, the topic is selected to accumulate a few. The special video shooting team came to his house to shoot the material; the material was packed to the later team, and the production was completed on the short video platform.

The story about how Yuan Lanfeng embarked on the road of science should be told in 2015. This year, in the field of quantum information, there is a sensational big news. The Pan Jianwei research team of the Chinese University of Science and Technology has made a major breakthrough in the transmission technology of quantum instant transmission. Many reports are described that the achievement of this technology is like transmission in the movie “Star Trek”. “The most common comments of readers are” unknown “.” Yuan Lanfeng had the idea of ​​making more people “understand”. However, his professional field is not quantum information, but theoretical and computing chemistry, but the theoretical basis in this field is quantum mechanics, and he is also familiar with quantum information. So he found some information, and talked with the colleagues of the Pan Jianwei research team for half an hour, and wrote an article he felt very “title party”, called “Popular science quantum transmission technology. Intersection “, Posted on personal Weibo. After the article was issued, it was unexpected. At that time, Yuan Lanfeng had only more than 8,000 fans, but the forwarding and comments were like a tide, so that he could not keep up with the speed of forwarding.

The friends around him encouraged him to continue writing, and even someone immediately asked him to talk about quantum information. “What do you ask me to do? I didn’t study this specifically.” Yuan Lanfeng felt strange. Later, I learned that the professional has been invited. The biggest problem is that the audience did not understand it. He thought that he only knew about a half -claws for quantum information. In order to give lectures, he had to go to the system to study again and finished the classic textbook “Quantum Calculation and Quantum Information” in this field within one month.

Yuan Lanfeng quickly discovered that she was much greater than science research than scientific research. He was originally involved in a wide range of people. He likes literature, and the enlightenment reading is “Journey to the West”; aspects of social sciences, the most impact on him is Confucius, Russell, Lu Xun and others; when he was a college, because he liked mathematics, physics and chemistry, he chose the Chemistry of the University of Science and Technology of China. The Department of Physics, the only department in the country at that time. A British philosopher said: Scholars are divided into two categories, the “fox” type and “hedgehog” type. The fox knows many things and hedgehogs know a major event. “From the beginning, I am a super fox.” Yuan Lanfeng said.

On August 16, 2016, China launched the world’s first quantum scientific experimental satellite “Mozi”. This has made the public more interested in quantum information. Many reporters interviewed him. He was wonderful to become a quantum information expert in the eyes of the media.

Knowledge in the scientific field often forms misunderstandings in social communication. Yuan Lanfeng realized this after the launch of the “Mozi”. According to media reports, quantum passwords are realized through quantum entanglement, but Yuan Lanfeng discovered that this is not the case after communicating with the front -line researchers of quantum information. The quantum password can be completely tangled with quantum.

“Many popular science content on the Internet is wrong. If you do n’t correct it, you do n’t tell everyone what is correct, and the impact may be very great.” Yuan Lanfeng said, “But the science popularization is difficult to do. First of all, popular sciences must have the level of scientific research, know what it is, and then have a language level to spread the real. “There should be a bridge between the real science and the public, but the situation is often that scientists may lack in -depth in -depth and easy to simple. Expressing that the dissemination of the public may lack an accurate and profound understanding, leading to this bridge, often breaking there.

He wanted to be this bridge.

Anxiety about traffic

Become this bridge, Yuan Lanfeng is talented. In the interview, he recounted the evaluation of the video cooperation team: “A rare scientific worker with a sense of web.” “Although I don’t know what the Internet feels.” Yuan Lanfeng laughed at himself.

Yuan Lanfeng’s Internet experience can be traced back to 1997. At that time, he logged in to the Hanhai Nebula BBS of the University of Science and Technology of China, and the registered account “Hui returned” – “Go back, the countryside will not return”, the net name comes from Tao Yuanming’s “Return to Return Come on “. Because he posted frequently and high quality, and “discussing” with people at the same time, he was elected as the deputy webmaster. He likes to share his views. On his personal social platform, he still maintains at least 3 posts per day. The basic format is the relevant comments with technology news links. He also likes to watch netizens’ comments. “As long as I have time, I will read a few more comments, so that I know what they are thinking, and I will answer them in the future.” Yuan Lanfeng explained.

Even so, the contradiction between scientific research and network traffic naturally exists naturally.

A video of Yuan Lanfeng was watched more than 20 million times, but the video was only 48 seconds, and it was not carefully produced. It was a webcast of his popular science day. A short paragraph, “Why does there is solid in the world”, the cooperative video production unit intercepted it on the Internet, but he did not expect to become a “explosion”. Yuan Lanfeng knew his speed, 300 words in 1 minute. “This video content is less than 300 words. What can I speak?” He asked. He is more accustomed to the production of long -term production. Whether it is video or text, sometimes he talks about half an hour or even longer in front of the camera. “Previously, a reporter said that I was a short video producer. I asked him, have you seen short videos of half an hour?” In 2018, British mathematician Michael Abia proposed the “simple thinking” of Riemann’s conjecture, vibration, vibration The mathematical world, this conjecture was proposed by German mathematician Riemann in 1859, and has plagued the world for one and a half centuries. Yuan Lanfeng made a great effort to investigate, read a lot of information, and wrote the content that he could understand and spread to the public. He filmed 6 episodes of long videos and wrote more than 30,000 words prepared in advance. For so carefully, the volume is not high.

However, Yuan Lanfeng found that someone benefited from it. After the 6 -phase video of Riemann’s conjecture was launched, one of his sisters who were assistant professors at Shanghai University of Science and Technology, “I ran over and told me that I did n’t understand Riemann before. After watching my video, I now understand the degree of understanding. More than 99%. ” Yuan Lanfeng was very happy. He thought about it carefully, and then took the target of his popular science, and the default was professionals who had a certain grasp and interest in scientific related fields.

In the era of fast -paced, there are few people who can read long articles and watch long videos. However, Yuan Lanfeng still published a book. The reason he gives is that quantum information is a very large area. Each article and every video can only be crushed to the ground. When the editor comes to the draft, it must be very urgent. It is only 2 weeks before the deadline. The other party suggested that Yuan Lanfeng organized the articles that have been written in recent years, and then a little modified can be published. Yuan Lanfeng thought about it, and still wrote a copy. “Books can tell you what each chapter is talking about, and there is a logical relationship between each other. How the knowledge in the book is very technical.” Yuan Lanfeng said.

In the preface of this “Quantum Information Brief”, Yuan Lanfeng has given reading suggestions: If you do n’t understand, please do n’t be discouraged. It will not affect the understanding of the front and back. From the order of chapters, Yuan Lanfeng’s intentions can be seen. Ordinary textbooks usually talk about the principles of quantum mechanics first, but Yuan Lanfeng mentioned the relatively easy -to -understand quantum precision measurement to the front, and then talk about principles, quantum computing and quantum communication. There are also selection content in the book, which is stronger.

Who is watching his popular science work, he can’t predict this, and sometimes the effect is unexpected. A few days ago, he harvested an experience described as “very magical” -when he participated in a youth science and technology innovation activity, a fifth grade of elementary school asked him to ask him about a bunch of questions about quantum information, and asked about asking, and asked It is very professional, and the children said that they have read and understood the “Quantum Information Brief”.

Without the audience, you must not do popular science. In order to cooperate with the law of communication, Yuan Lanfeng is also trying to change. The language style of the article is different. From the original formal paper content, it has become more and more spoken; the video materials taken not only shorten the time, but also often use the most popular “stalks” on the Internet. However, he sometimes deliberately avoids some “hype” editing methods, and requires a mild and polite video attitude; he also often gives the production team on punctuation. For example, you must use full -angle symbols. Empty.

In the world of traffic, Yuan Lanfeng still maintains the rigorous and high requirements of scientific researchers. Fortunately, he has found the survival path -the short video platform signed a three -year agreement with him, and the fixed funds were allocated every year to buy the right to publish his popular science videos -which made him not need to be too anxious for traffic.

Popularization becomes a profession

Investment in science and popularization of all energy means that scientific research has to be completely stagnated.

To check the record of Yuan Lanfeng’s paper, you will find a recent article published in 2019. He is a paper published after graduating from his tutoring doctoral students. He is one of the co -authors. To this day, Yuan Lanfeng’s title still stays in the “Associate Researcher”. Many people discuss this on the Internet, and some people question Yuan Lanfeng’s scientific research ability. For this reason, he personally answered a question about knowing: “How to treat the former” genius prodigy “Yuan Lanfeng, now just do simple popular science work?”

What should I think of “simple science work”? As far as the environment is concerned, people’s contributions to popular science work are not high. Some people in scientific research units want to do popular science, leaders do not support, and set up a lot of work that have nothing to do with science popularization; some doctors working in the hospital are enthusiastic about science popularization, and the performance evaluation at the end of the year is ranked in the last place. Popular science, who was discussed behind by colleagues, did not do business. In addition, in the market competition, popular science work is relatively different in “gold absorption”. Professional popular science person Wang Yan, resigned from the programmer’s job, started a company with friends, he used knowledge to pay, write popular science works, and do radio programs, but because there are relatively few popular science people, Wang Qi sold the best paid program only Solding 25,000 copies, while the economy and psychological similar programs sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

Yuan Lanfeng is more calm about this. The Chinese University of Science and Technology has a positive attitude towards him. When he wrote an article, the leader saw that it was good to say that he could not do business. He opened the WeChat public account and wrote a popular science article on it. The school also helped recruit students in schools to edit it, and worked as a job. The biggest support is that the school’s relatively loose assessment system for him. “Without saying that you do n’t publish a dissertation this year, you have to open you.” Yuan Lanfeng felt so reasonable. “There are thousands of people in our school to publish papers. Is it worse than me?”

In terms of popular science, the Chinese University of Science and Technology has certain advantages. The Department of Science and Technology of China University of Science and Technology was founded in 2001 and is the first department in the country. It may be due to Yuan Lanfeng’s “building” in related parts. In 2021, he served as the deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology. The latest Scientific Communication Research Center established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located at the Chinese University of Science and Technology, and Yuan Lanfeng is the deputy director.

Although he became deputy director, Yuan Lanfeng still could not “turn right” in his job title. In the current system, there are no full -time popular science jobs in both scientific research institutions and universities. “We want to maintain the seriousness of the qualifications of the title. According to the current standards, whether the professor or researcher must be evaluated, mainly depending on scientific research achievements. In these years, I spend most of the time on science popularization. It should not be solved through this channel.” Yuan Lanfeng explained that Essence However, Shuguang has appeared. Last year, Beijing took the lead in launching senior professional titles of scientific communication, and many areas are also studying and promoting.

“There is a little girl who has just reached the Department of Science and Technology Communication. From the Department of Chemistry, she made a popular science video in 2020 and won the award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology. She would like to be a popular science writer in the future.” Tell the reporter with interest in his students. He established a very important goal this year: used to be alone in a single person. Now, he hopes to cultivate more popular science talents and build the entire cause of popular science. Although, the Department of Science and Technology Communication was divided into a large -scale communication category during the postgraduate enrollment. Most of the students were liberal arts students in scientific communication. Studying science and technology had great efforts.

Yuan Lanfeng said that he was a winner of the Nobel Prize and a popular science writer at his mentor at Cornell University in the United States. His popular science TV film “Chemical World” and the popular science book “Same and Different” are very influential. Yuan Lanfeng remembered that at a group meeting, Professor Huffman took out a slide with a chemical formula and told you that someone came to ask what the nature of this thing is. From the perspective of general scientific researchers, Yuan Lanfeng was surprised. What should I ask about this question, how can I ask this question, and what to answer? Subsequently, he saw Professor Hofman’s drawing on the blackboard, and he only deduced the nature of the material according to one chemical formula.

“No matter how difficult the scientific principles can be explained to ordinary people,” Yuan Lanfeng said.

Source: Jiefang Daily

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