What floor tiles are pasted on the porch ground? These precautions, it is recommended to see

What floor tiles are pasted on the porch ground? These precautions, it is recommended to see

The porch is the first space after returning home. Many people will consider the material problem of the porch ground when decorating. After all, as the first space after entering the door, on the one hand The first impression of guests to come to the house is also needed. Under normal circumstances, the ground of the porch is all ground tiles, so how to match the ground tiles of the porch is a more particular topic, especially the case of the floor floor of the hall. Let me talk about this topic!

1. What are the benefits of porch ground tiles?

① ground protection

The porch is the first space we entered after we go home. Every time we go home, the shoes will step in, so the ground is also relatively easy to dirty; and the tiles are made of dirty ground material. It is more durable and easy to take care of.

▲ The porch ground tiles are resistant to dirt and easy to take care, which is conducive to ground protection.

② Space sense

The porch is the first space after entering the door, and the porch of many apartment types is an aisle space. Through the exquisite floor tile style, it can make the space of the porch more literary and artistic. Elegant and comfortable style.

▲ The porch sticker literary floor tiles make the space more pettyly.

2. What bricks are pasted on the porch ground?

① Six side bricks

Six -sided tiles are a tile with style and art. Use it on the ground of the porch. When you enter the door to change shoes, the six -sided tiles under your feet can make people feel a petty elegant comfort and literary temperament. The color combination of various colors can make the porch look more fun.

▲ Six -brick bricks are a better solution for porch.

② matte gray brick

Because the shoes that go out are all changed after entering the porch, the porch is a relatively easy to dirty space. By laying matte gray bricks in the porch, the porch can make the porch more simple, dirty, and easy to take care of.

▲ The gray brick of the porch is simple and dirty.

③ Retro brown brick

Retro brown floor tiles are paved on the ground of the porch. The entire space effect is also very warm and high -end. Especially in a space such as American style, brown retro tiles are a very suitable choice.

▲ Brown floor tiles are paved with porch. The sense of space is warm and natural.

④ consistent with the lobby

The porch, living room, dining room and corridor areas can be collectively referred to as “public activity areas” in interior design. Therefore, in the ground design, this area can adopt the same floor tile style as the floor of the lobby to keep the entire large area maintain style in style. Unite.

▲ Uniform floor tiles in the porch and hall, unified space for space.

3. What should I do if the hall is paved with wooden floors?

① Porch suggestion is recommended to spread bricks alone

For the floor of the lobby floor, in order to make the porch more convenient to take care and dirty dirt, I personally recommend that the porch area is separated by the floor tiles alone. If you want the living room and the ground style of the porch, you can also choose to pave the wooden tiles in the porch.

▲ The living room is a wooden floor. The porch is recommended to tiles. If you want a unified style, you can use wood grain bricks.

② Close between floor tiles and wooden floors

If the porch pave the bricks and the hall paving the floor, there will be two materials between the ground between the porch and the hall. In the collection of the two materials, it is necessary to deal with it. The simpler approach is the closure of the porch T -shaped.

▲ Between the floor tiles and the wooden floor, you can collect the border bar.

The porch takes a space after returning home. The ground tile is also a more appropriate solution. The above is the relevant precautions about the porch floor tiles. Friends who are preparing to decorate can refer to it.

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