The 10 major base makeup problems of novices are here, all of which are here

The 10 major base makeup problems of novices are here, all of which are here

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Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, background about

“Base makeup problem”

The popularity has always been very high, because everyone’s base makeup always occurs various problems such as stuck powder rubbing mud, heavy suits, etc.

There are many girls around

The sequence of base makeup, makeup tools, techniques

It is not clear, but it is only symbolic to apply some liquid foundation. Of course, there will be problems.

Below, the editor of the Mao Geping Makeup School sorted it out for everyone

“The most common base makeup problem of novices”

Come on, do you want to know if Kangkang wants to know!

Common base makeup problems of novices

1. What is the order of sun protection, isolation, and before makeup?

Sun protection is the last step of skin care. Isolation is the first step in makeup. Skin care first and then makeup. so,

Sun protection should be used in front of makeup and isolation


And no matter the wind blows the sun

Can’t omit sun protection

At the same time, do a good job of physical sunscreen, the effect will be better.

Obst up or before makeup or before makeup


Isolation and makeup

These two things

In essence, it is the same type of product

It is enough to choose one, there is no need to overlap on the face.

Makeup method comparison

After basic skin care,

Take an appropriate amount of isolation or makeup before makeup

, Point at the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and other places, just pat it and rub it evenly.

Pay attention to

Apply in the direction of the pores unilaterally

Don’t apply it back and forth, it will cause mud or masses.

2. First concealer or foundation first?

Is it first concealer, or first put on the foundation? actually,

There is no absolute order in makeup

It is mainly based on the characteristics of concealer products, flaws, and personal habits.

First foundation and then concealer to shape flawless base makeup

Now, most of the liquid foundation on the market has a certain concealing power, so it is recommended that you

First apply the liquid foundation uniform skin color

The spots of acne marks have also improved.

At this moment

Use skin tone concealer to perform local precise concealer

The base makeup is impeccable.

If you choose

Correctional concealer

(Dark circles, red cheeks, etc.), then you can


, Then spread the foundation on the whole face, so that it will be uniform and not easy to remove makeup.

3. Beauty pageant or foundation brush for makeup tools?

For novices,

It is not recommended to use foundation brush

Essence Because of foundation brush

High requirements for makeup skills

It is easy to brush unevenly without mastering the novice.

Beautiful makeup eggs are suitable for novice use

Novice can

Start with beauty eggs

, Simple operation and fast makeup, very suitable for daily commuting makeup.

Foundation brush suitable for professional makeup artist use

The biggest advantage of the foundation brushing makeup

It will not change the texture of the base makeup products, and

Good concealment

It is more suitable for professional makeup artists or sisters with high technical levels.

4. Fix the appearance or make makeup first?

Fix the appearance or make makeup first? This is mainly based on

“The texture of Xiu Rong Products”


Creamy repair VS powder repair

Creamy repair:

Fix the makeup first. After setting makeup, use an paste to repair the card powder.

Powder -like repair:

Set your makeup first and then repair. With the stickiness of the makeup, the powder can be pushed away and bloomed better, making the makeup cleaner.

5. What should I do if I always have a heavy mask after the base makeup drawing?

The main reason for the main reason for the maintenance of the mask is

There are too much foundation for foundation

Or foundation

The color number is not selected

In daily life,

Be sure to pay attention to the bottom makeup

, Don’t have too heavy makeup. Full face only needs to be used

A grain of soy -sized powder foundation

It’s enough, don’t exceed 1 pump at most.

Before the base makeup vs after the base makeup

The role of the foundation is used for uniform skin tone

Well, don’t count on it to cover the flaws of the entire face, otherwise the base makeup will be very heavy.

Novice Xiaobai, who has just started makeup, likes

Pursue over -white base makeup

This will lead to the face and the rest of the skin

Severe disconnection

, No masters are strange!

Follow the skin color, don’t be too white

Foundation color

Don’t choose Taibai

, Apply the liquid foundation to the position of the lower jaw line,

“There is no obvious color difference with the face and neck”

The color number is the most suitable for you.

6. What should I do if I buy the wrong color number?

Light color foundation can

Used to shine

, Dark foundation can be used

Outer contour is used as a repair

Two -color foundation creates hierarchical base makeup

7. How to make makeup on your face?


Use emulsion or cream to rub slowly in the peeling place

Then use a cotton swab to stick the dead skin, and then make a lot of money on the bottom makeup.

8. What should I do if the pores are thick?

Before makeup

Pores with large pores are coated with invisible pores

In this way, the subsequent base makeup will be more convincing.

Access cream of the invisible pores

9. What should I do if I always rub the mud?

Some girls are always before makeup

Apply too many layers of skin care products

(Especially the high oil content) is not conducive to makeup.

After oil

Continuous makeup, stack, makeup will become more and more rough

, Prone to card powder, rubbing mud, etc.

Want to make makeup effects more lasting, and make makeup surfaces more clear,

Skin care before makeup must be streamlined

Intersection Especially oil skin,

Basic water milk

Pre -makeup streamlined skin care, helps to apply makeup in the future

When applying every product, let it make it

Slightly absorb it before applying the same

Essence Especially sun protection, be sure to

Wait for the sunscreen to make makeup before applying makeup


Pay attention to more water before makeup

, Make the skin softer, help to apply makeup in the future, try to

Use less oily skin care products

If you simplify your skin care or rub the mud, it may be possible

Compatible compatibility

Then you can only replace the product.

10. What should I do if I always stuck?

Before makeup, you must do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing

, Easy to get stuck in the position of peeling peeling

Ready with emulsion or moisturizing makeup before applying milk


Regular exfoliating

Too many dead skin can cause severe card powder.

Lightly put on the card powder part

The foundation with easy card powder position is thinner


Spray makeup

, Or Sandlike makeup, spray makeup and spray, allow loose powder to better blend, greatly increase the durability of makeup.

Let’s talk about it

How to remedy after card powder

You can use a cotton swab to dip the lotion, remove the base makeup of the card powder, and then re -make the makeup.


Finally, summarize today’s focus:

Novice makeup is not clear about the sequence of base makeup, makeup tools, and techniques, but only symbolically apply some liquid foundation.

Various problems such as card powder rubbing mud, heavy mask and other questions

Before makeup

Understand the order of makeup, choose the right makeup products and tools, usually practice more hands and master the correct makeup method


“Common Procedure of Novice”

Just share it here first. Sisters remember

Collect it, practice more, try to find the most suitable way for you!









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