Jersey collection, do you really understand the door?

Jersey collection, do you really understand the door?

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In the middle of the fans, there has always been such a group. In addition to watching the game, they also use the jersey of favorite teams and stars as a big fun, but this often means a lot of expenses. How many types of jerseys are divided into, which one is generally collected by fans, we must tell you today.

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The jersey is collected late in China. It has been developed in Europe and the United States for decades. Even many players will collect the jersey full of rooms, and some will mount the jersey. For jersey collectors, there are the following categories.

Ordinary collectors, like a team or a player, can start a few seasons for a season, basically buy the jersey of the team that is interested in the team. There is also a simple jersey enthusiast. By the mood, buy and sell all the good jerseys, interesting players, buy and buy!

To go a little higher, it is the person like the author who does not refuse to collect it. The jersey of the Dead Loyal Team will naturally receive it. The enemy team’s or niche unpopular jersey is also considering the scope.

The highest -end collectors will study the ending version or the commemorative version of the jersey. This type of collector already knows

How to appreciate the jersey, carefully maintain and maintain, also have the knowledge of identifying authenticity.

More top -level collectors will get some classic jerseys to find related teams or players.

Such a jersey will have a qualitative improvement in value, similar to philatelic or treasures in other fields.

Messi shows his jersey collection

Basic classification of jersey: What is a jersey?

When we want to buy a jersey, some of your internal friends usually tell you some terms and differences such as “player version” and “fans”. But this may make Xiaobai, who bought the jersey for the first time, turns even more — how do you look at the price of no different jersey in the outside?

In fact, there are many classifications of light football jerseys. We can simply classify as the following:

Set jersey: Match WORN

The surrounding jacket refers to the jersey of the player wearing the end, that is, the jersey used in the game, which is the relatively expensive category in the jersey classification. The official channels will not be sold, but some balls will sell in the form of auction. Even many fanatical fans are pursuing their “original jersey” that they like players.

Loo -the room version of the jersey: MATCH ISSUED/MATCH Prepared

The jersey itself is no different from the jersey

The dressing room version of the jersey is the same material as the losing jersey, the same number, the player name and various chapters (league chapters or cup chapters) are exactly the same. The only difference is that the players have not been used in the game. They are backups, to prevent special circumstances such as the jersey. The locker room version of the jersey is not sold, but there will be some special channels to flow out of the market. Italy is the area where the dressing room version is prevailing.

Player version of jersey: Authentic/Player Version

In most cases, the player version of the jersey is no different from the landing version, and the official and agent will be sold. Compared with the more affordable fans’ jerseys, the European club player version jersey is more for commemorative significance or promotional purpose, with a certain collection value.

Fan version of jersey: fans

The fan version of the jersey is relatively different from the player version. It can be seen from both materials and surfaces. The official and agent will be sold, mainly for the fans. The price is relatively low.

Retro version of jersey: Retro/REPRODUCTION

Also known as the re -engraved version of the jersey, the commemorative team has a wonderful performance of the season’s jersey or the jersey style that is highly recognized by the fans, mostly re -produced according to the craftsmanship and materials at the time. There is no difference between the surface and the fall version, but if you carefully observe the inside and outside of the jersey, you will find a few small differences.

Commemorative jersey

The commemorative jersey does not have a uniform English call, mostly for commemorative events (such as the century -old commemorative), or the commemorative commemorative (such as the Champions League final), or the special jersey signed by players (such as renewal). Last season, Florence Captain Astori died unfortunately, and the team made a commemorative version of jersey and armbands. The commemorative version of the jersey material is mostly the same as the fan version. The official and agent will be sold, and they are often sold in a limited edition. The collection value is quite high.

Thai jersey

The Thai version of the jersey is widely circulated between the fans,

In fact, it is pirated jersey or imitation jersey.

In the past, when the general income level of Chinese ordinary people was not high, the Thai version of the jersey was very popular. The current Thai version has basically become a collective name for piracy. With the development of science and technology, the material of the Gaogui Thai jersey is basically not much different from the genuine fans’ jersey, but if you look closely, you can also distinguish the difference from the fans.

At present, the most important thing for fans to collect jerseys is the fan version and the player version, and the two are also significantly different. The fans are made of ordinary cotton yarn, and the player version is environmentally friendly fiber. The player version of the slimming effect is very good, and the fan version is basically not much different from ordinary T -shirts. Because the player’s version of the material is based on the player competition, it is generally divided into two layers, the outer pattern, and the inner layer also has a material that shrinks sweat absorption. Of course, the biggest difference is also in terms of price. The original price of the fan version of the jersey is between 300 and 500 yuan, and the player version exceeds 1,000 yuan. It is commonplace.

Taking the Osaka Steel Babes this season as an example, we can see that there are differences in every detail of the player and fans’ jerseys on every detail of the workmanship and materials.

Osaka Steel and Baba Player Player Bags this season

Osaka Steel and Baba Fan Version Sweet

The back of the jersey (the left is the fan version, the right is the player version)

The fabric (the player version, the lower version of the fans)

The player version of the fabric is a double -sided knitted fabric, with large pores, and adds sweat -absorbing and sweating. And the material of the cooling effect caused by vaporization thermal Kurisfer is not so sticky to wear.

The fans’ fabrics are relatively smooth, the fans are relatively slippery, and the player version has a rough texture. Different fabrics also make the printing number and sponsors show different textures, which is exactly the same as in the past two seasons.

Leading the bid (the player version, the lower version of the fans)

Under the armpit (the player version, the fans on the right)

The player version still adopts the black technology “Body-FLEXUM” used last season, that is, inserting an X-shaped breathable fabric under the armpit, with dense mesh. The ribs are the newly added technology “Ice Blast” cooling patch to achieve the effect of rapid cooling in the game; the fan version is ordinary cutting, without functionality.

Team badge and champion star (player version, the next fan version)

The biggest stars represent the AFC Champions League, the rest are two league championships, two league cup champions, and four Emperor Cup champions. Like last season, the player version was used with hard rubber materials, and there was a circle around. The fan version is fabric material, which is scalded on the jersey.

From the back of the jersey, you can clearly see the stitching of the player version.

Genuine? Piracy?

On the collection and purchase channels, the official or agent is the most reliable place to start, and to collect the classic jerseys of the past season. The Classic Football Shirts we will mention later is a good choice.

On the issue of buying a genuine jersey, you often see such a remark in major forums: I support this team, and there is no need to spend hundreds of to buy a genuine jersey. Love a team, do you want to buy a genuine jersey?

Most fans like the author, with the increase of age and the increase in experience, should now have copyright awareness. Buying a genuine jersey is the most basic self -cultivation, not to mention the team you support. Officials or agents selling jerseys, sales and income will become data that feeds the influence of a team.

Jersey sales will also affect the sponsors’ investment in the team

This year’s Beijing Zhonghe Guoan dared to call Nike on the issue of sponsorship, isn’t it because of the huge market behind it and Beijing fans’ first purchasing power nationwide. From this perspective, buying the official genuine product of the team is the best support for the team. Of course, there are still a few people who are stubborn. They think that the love of the team has nothing to do with money. Wearing pirated jerseys can save money and worry, and do it. Buying a jersey does not hinder yourself like a team.

You can buy pirated jerseys, but do you really wear out? Suppose two scenarios:

1: If you go to the scene to watch the ball, you can wear a pirated other fans. What will others think of you? 2: The on -site fans are basically fake jerseys. Is that a pirated jersey?

This is like many Chinese children who are studying in the UK. They can follow the law in the UK to abide by the law, but when they return to the country, they are influenced by the environment. In the final analysis, the reason why wearing pirated jerseys does not think that shame and the deep -rooted root is that some people have not formed a contract spirit, and their own moral cultivation needs to be improved. In fact, a genuine jersey is often 100-200 yuan when the clearance is discounted at the end of the season. You can see the genuine jersey of Leicester City, which can see 80 yuan on CFS.

Many times, players collecting jerseys are not for the appreciation of the jersey. After looking at these jerseys after many years, we will recall the glorious years belonging to that team, and we will think of the life of that year, the life of that year, this is an indelible memory. Jersey is a symbol, a symbol, and also represents inheritance. Looking at the generation of generations “the name of the star” in the wardrobe in the home, we probably feel that the youth is dead, and the people are old.

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